How Are Serrations Ground?

How are the serration patterns ground on blades at the factories of the different manufacturers?

The reason I wonder is that I presume it is similar to how the guy at the hardware store grinds a new key for me, i.e., that the blade is placed on a vise and the serration pattern ground all in one cut.

How far am I off? Please educate me.
Feb 5, 1999

The serration pattern is reverse formed on a grinding wheel and then the blade is slowly pressed on the wheel at a specific angle. the whole blade edge is done at once, whereas when we receive an improperly sharpened knife for regrinding, the serrations are done on a grinding wheel individually.

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Yep, I think Danelle covered it - it's done with a big, nasty grinding wheel that cuts a bunch of serrations at once. Cute story: PVKaT purchased one of these wheels in an attempt to grind serrations themselves, at a time when some knives were getting hard to come by in combo-edge. Well, they didn't own a bench grinder up to the task, so they sent the wheel off to their buddies at Microtech. Soon thereafter the first serrated Microtechs began to appear. Coincidence?


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Not to long ago I saw a thread that was linked to the WOW page and showed Mike Turber using one of the serration wheels for aftermarket mods. Now I can't find it. Searched everywhere. It had some nice pictures of the operation though Mike wasn't wearing safety equipment! Maybe someone else remembers where that was.
I'm thinking about having my teeth ground in this manner. Can you say "Spyderteeth"?

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David... you must like dentists(ouch!!!) im sure it would make eating tough steak easier though

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Hmph! a Jedi desires not these things.

Where does one get a serration wheel for a grinder? (like the one shown at the WOW site)
A wheel like that has to be custom made and costs a lot of money. That's only cost-effective for factories. If you make knives by hand or just want to add serrations to a few knives do it one serration at a time. A Dremel tool is sufficient.

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