How big is the Mini-Grip's Usable Handle?

Oct 27, 2008
Looking into getting a mini Ritter Grip, but just wanted to know about how big the handle is. Could anybody compare it to any one of these knives (this is what I own in the size range):

-Galyean Junkyard Dawg Pro 3"
-Spyderco UKPK
-Small Sebenza 21
-Spyderco Cricket
-Spyderco Sage
-Strider PT

Here it is compared to a small Sebenza and a full size grip and a few others.


Hope these pics help. Just saw your post and took some pics with the cellphone.

We got the Small 21, Ritter Mini (modded by me), and d4.



The mini grip has significantly less usable handle than the UKPK or small Sebenza. The shape of the handle forces your grip well back of the blade; I don't have large hands and I can only get a three finger grip on it.

I don't have any pics but I've always found that the mini-grip only gave me a 3-3.5 finger purchase. Tying a Lanyard on helped, with getting a full four finger grip though. While I still like the grip for it's light weight, I prefer the HK 14210, the handle layout lets you get a full 4 finger grip, it has full liners and G10 scales. The only reason I would ever buy another mini grip is with the intention of getting a set of Wilkins scales.

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