How can I draw knives on a computer?

Jul 2, 1999
Not sure if this really counts as "Knife content" But I just got a computer and was wondering what programs people use to do those awesome knife pictures that I have seen around. Para, if you feel the need to move this to community, I completely understand. Thanks to all.
Nah, this is knife related Louis. It can stay here. I am interested in hearing what folks have to say about this too.

I assume you are asking how to draw them from scratch, not just a photo, right? If thats the case, keep this thread up here until it gets the attention of PhilL. When it comes to 'virtual' knife pics...he da man!!

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Any of the CAD software (i.e. Datacad) will do excelent line drawings. The machinists here are learning a new 3D modeling CAD that not only can be fed into a CNC macine but will also model the full range of motion of the assembled parts. Or you could use draw or paint or what ever your PC came with. You need more skill on getting the angles and curves you want but it requires less knowledge of the software.
Hold the sheath against the top of your monitor, and yank the handle. Oh, you mean pictures of knives. Never mind.
Well if you want to do the full blown 3D rendered drawings then I would go with one of the more advanced CAD programs. Im in college right now to get an associates in CAD and the two programs Im being taught are AutoCAD and Microstation. Im only doing 2d drawings right now but the stuff Ive seen 2nd year students do on these two programs is just incredible. However I think these programs would be difficult to run without the proper training. So maybe the less advanced but easier to learn programs would be the way to go. Well I hope that all made sense
Good luck finding the right program for you.

P.S. If you go with AutoCAD or Microstation and need any help just ask and Ill see what I can do.
Here is an INFORMATIVE thread from the Shop Talk forum!!
I like AutoCad, even the simplest version will handle the most complex knife drawings. (anything short of a TiKnives or SpeedTech handle) I HIGHLY recommend the "Dummies" book for AutoCad also. The book makes it easy to understand. I learned more from the book and trial and error than I did at the class


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On the other hand, if you're just trying to get ideas across in a "blueprint" fashion, there's always Windows Paint


Final product:

Not perfectly accurate, but can get the idea across fast.

A more simplistic and a lot cheaper program by a long shot (I heard AutoCAD can get pretty expensive) is something called 3D Studio Max. I've seen what it can do and you can get some pretty sweet results.
When drawing on my computer, I always use a grease pen or a crayon....
I would imagine it works to draw a knife....
I would go with AutoCAD, but I've been using it for 16 years so I would say that. 3D studio is put out by Kinetix, which is owned by AutoDESK (the AutoCAD people). 3DS costs as much as AutoCAD. I have both. I've heard that QuickCAD is a reasonable start up CAD program, but I've never seen a version on a screen.,,331041-123112,00.html

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Louis, if you're look to do Auto CAD, I don't know anything about it? If you want to draw knives and render them to look realistic, I think I can help?

Here's what I do.
I start out by drawing the knife with pencil and paper, and then scan it into Adobe PhotoDeluxe (it came with my scanner).
Next, I find a handle material I like, usually stag and Copy and Paste it onto the drawing. I clean it up the edges with the Eraser Tool.
The blade can be done the same way (Copy and Paste) or sometimes I just paint it in. Same thing for the bolsters and any other parts of the knife.
The secret, if there is one is to do each part of the knife in Layers and SAVE your work often.
When the knife looks about right, but flat I add aditional layers one for highlites and one for shadows. When it looks like it has enough depth, I Merge all the Layers that make up the knife.
Next comes the background, I just try to find something that compliments the knife and isn't too busy. Then just Copy and Paste the knife onto the background. Before I merge the knife with the background I like to add a Dropped Shadow to give it some depth.
That's it.
It's possible to draw knives on the computer without a scanner, I've done it but it's hard. PhotoDeluxe is an inexpensive program and it will take you some time before you outgrow it.
If you're really interested in learning to do the kind of work I do just e-mail I have a tutorial that I did to show Gene74 how to use PhotoDeluxe.

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Believe it or not, I guess I'm the only one not using Auto CAD!

I've been using 2D vector based programs (Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand) to make sure of lock positions, stop pins, blade/handle clearance, spacers, etc....

Then using software like Painter, Bryce and of course Photoshop proceed to create the rendering of what the knife is going to look like. I did some renderings for Microtech and some for Dale Reif and of course I do all my stuff too!

Here's an example of the final product:

I hope it helps!


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QuickCAD is fairly simple to use. I didn't even need the book in order to operate it, but then again, I went to college to become a draftsman and I have plenty of CAD experience.

I bought my copy of QuickCAD at a local place called Electronics Boutique.

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