How Can I Get An RCP Peacekeeper Baton?

May 25, 2007
In Europe you can buy blackjacks online from France. I had the Foster brothers from the USA made me some custom one's. You can also buy them from the U.K. as well. I don't know the laws in Israel so importing one could be difficult. Google Sap and Blackjack at the same time. Or try leather slapjack. Otherwise you get a lot of info about a cardgame. Don't know if the foster brothers still do custom leatherwork. I see some nice work on Instagram as well. Search for leather Sap or leather slapjack on Instagram. Try to find some Israeli self defense forum and ask the locals for info. Make new friends, maybe people are looking for likeminded guys in your neighbourhood and train together. Bastinelly had some available thru lamnia. These toys are not cheap.
Nov 7, 2005
...leather Sap or leather slapjack.... These toys are not cheap.
to improvise
is way cheaper....

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