How can I monitor my order?


Jun 9, 2003
I sent mail to and seems to have autoreplay - same I have right after I ordered it. My question is when may I expect it to came and how may I monitor the order.

Thanks, Vassili.
If it makes you feel any better, I placed an order for my first Swamp Rat last on 24 OCT 04 (Sunday). I also received the auto-reply email. I have the order confirmation number, but no other way to track it. I think i saw somewhere on the website that it takes 3 to 6 weeks. Let's just both hope that our orders magically arrive early, haha.

Stalk your mailman. That's what I do. LOL

Good things come. Sometimes slowly, but it will come. Let us know how you like it.

I ordered a knife a while back and sent a request to that same address, and received the same autoreply. Soon after, though, Eric got in contact with me and told me what was up with it. Don't despair, they have excellent customer service.
In my experience they have been great with communication. I was contacted by Eric himself in fact in pretty short order. Watch your credit card for the charge and your knife usually drops within a day or two. That has been my experience. Knives are shipped Priority Mail so you can check estimated shipping time from Wauseon to your zip with USPS. Not precise but where would all the suspense be if you knew everything about where your knife is? :D
Yes, I have Eric replay a bit later. This autoreplay just mislead me.
Now I am waiting for Rat trap in few weeks!


I placed my order a lil over 2 weeks ago for a Howling Rat. I have yet to receive an email except for the autoreply. When can I expect further guidance from Swamp Rat or the order to be shipped? It's not that I am too worried, it's just that the autoreply was somewhat vague. Thanks in advance.

I try to send out additional info after we receive the orders. For one reason or another I sometimes don't see all the orders(that doesn't affect the shipment of them though) Generally speaking we are filling the HR orders approx 3-4 weeks after we receive them. If you drop me a note via email I will check specifically on yours