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How did he kill it?

Discussion in 'Wilderness & Survival Skills' started by jill jackson, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. jill jackson

    jill jackson

    Sep 5, 2006
  2. Mossyhorn

    Mossyhorn Enlightened Rogue Platinum Member

    Dec 6, 2009
  3. Insipid Moniker

    Insipid Moniker Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    It's happened before. At least one person has shoved their arm down the animal's throat and choked it to death.
  4. jill jackson

    jill jackson

    Sep 5, 2006
    I supposed it will come out exactly what happened. If barehanded he probably choked it to death.
  5. Rhesus Feces

    Rhesus Feces bombastic simpleton

    Jun 9, 2002
    mata leao
    Danke42 likes this.
  6. oldmanron


    Jun 19, 2012
    I wonder why the authorities are reluctant to explain the question that everyone is wondering about ... how did he kill the mountain lion? Why would it be an issue in Colorado? Maybe it was the kind of reserve/park where handguns are not allowed?
  7. Dogdrawz

    Dogdrawz Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 15, 2016
    The Men Who Stare at Cougars.
  8. Arathol


    Jan 1, 2003
  9. ndmiller

    ndmiller Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 30, 2015
    Yep choked it to death.
  10. JD Mandrell

    JD Mandrell Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 20, 2001
    News report I saw said he choked it, and beat it in the head with a rock.
  11. Danke42


    Feb 10, 2015
    Someone was hiding in the bushes again.
  12. Currawong

    Currawong Gold Member Gold Member

    May 19, 2012
    He did a press conference where he describes the encounter. It latched onto his vest, and he wrestled with it and managed to put his foot on its throat and choke it.

  13. Baron83

    Baron83 Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 7, 2017
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  14. Steven65

    Steven65 Traditional Hog Platinum Member

    Mar 11, 2008
    Fortunately for him a Mountain Lion is a relatively small cat. Even so he was unbelievably fortunate.

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