How Did the Wife Like the Knife For XMAS?

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
Before the holiday I asked "What knife for the wife" for the holidays. I got some excellent feedback from my fellow BladeForums members. Now that the holidays are here how did your spouse like what you gave her or him?

I gave my wife a Buck Crosslock with a gold Buckcote blade. She really liked it, thought it looked cool. Last night I even caught her practicing one handed openings which I am pleased to say she was doing pretty good. I also gave her a Spyderco key chain with flashlight and Ladybug attach and a Micra.

For her birthday, she's gonna graduate to a MOD Ladyhawk.

How did your SO like the knife you gave?

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
It was a great wife really enjoyed the MD Tusk for her purse carry!...

Just kidding! I'm actually breaking her in her a new kitchen knife set as well as her own Leatherman Micra (she's always using mine!), an Executive Edge Grande pen knife and a Micro-Photon light. She was really happy with them and immediately put the Micra and Photon on her key chain.

Her birthday's comming up in Feb, and I was narrowing down her folder to a Benchmade Mel Pardue "Gent-lelady" and/or a Spyderco Calypso Jr.; she really does need her own knife, she wears mine out!

Hope all had a great Christmas,

I've found that my girlfriend, after a year of "breaking her in" on knives, likes her Spyderco "Q". However, she also appreciates my 910BT, Endura's, Military, and my Boker.
(I think.) She also like the Junglee "Z" knife. -AR