How did ya'll get your screen names?

Feb 1, 2001
Many names on the forum are interesting. How did you guys come up with with them? I used my nick name (Skag) combined w/my favorite pistol (a Sig Sauer 229 in .40 cal)to get mine. This post just might be a little fun!!

Chris B.
Hello All! My user name here in the Cantina simply means that I'm a Hawaiian (i.e. Pineapple)that now lives in Oregon. Hey, Skag! I like your taste in pistols. A 220 in .45 and a 239 in 9mm are favorites of mine. Have a good day!
Mine is pretty lame, it is my email address, which was assigned to me by my school/job. I figured at the time I signed up at bladeforums that it would just make it easy for people to contact me. I have thought about changing it, but I have used it for so long now maybe people recognize it. What do you think guys, change it or leave it?
mine's just a contraction of my nickname and last name.
Robert - everyone calls me Bob
Not as interesting as everyone else's.
Well, mine isn't all that difficult to figure out. I was a piano performance major in college and have played almost all my life.

Speaking of pianos, I recently purchased one.(What does this have to do with kukhris, you ask? Everything, as will be made clear.)

I bought a 6-foot, 3-inch grand piano, made by Grotrian-Steinweg of Germany. It has a black mirror finish and genuine ivory keys. It also has a sound that has to be heard to be believed. I spent almost twice what I had originally planned to spend, so for the next couple of years will be working hard to pay off the loan.

This means, I won't be buying any (or hardly any) kuhkris. Uncle Bill's UBDOTD's will be safe from me. All you other guys can pile on.
Used to live in Maui and my name's Rob. How's that for exciting?

The one I'm curious about is "Bill Martino", where did he come up with that screen name!? I wonder what it really stands for? JUSt kidding
Woke up on the smarta** side of the bed!

Seriously, though I have wondered the same thing a few times--good topic!
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My real name is Gerald, but after Andrew Dice Clay did a routine ripping Geraldo Rivera, everyone at work started calling me Geraldo.
I'm a distance runner and I do most of my training on roads. Plus I think the old cartoons are pretty funny. I got kind of tired of it and changed to my real name, Kurt, after we got the new software, but now we're back to the old one again and it didn't stick. I don't want to sign up again and have people think I'm a newbie when I've been here so long. Nothing wrong with newbies, just that the idea is to stick around for a while and I've already done that.
rdnzl is a tune by one of the great composer/guitarists, Frank Zappa, who right now is probably still showing Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan a thing or two
Well my name is Daniel and I'm a Sergeant. My soldiers never use my rank when they adress me, so felt I could use it for something atleast....

I often go by Bob, and sometimes people greet me as "Hey there, big guy."


The Milk Snake: Beautiful, harmless, good-natured, eats venomous snakes for lunch.
Just used my e-mail. I tried getting my real name on Yahoo, but there are roughly 2.3 bjillion "Pat Carroll's" on the web. As it turns out, roughly half of them are doctors, just plain "DocPat" in dozens of variations was taken too.

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Mine's not terribly imaginative -- first initial, last name. I changed it to Brian C with the forum software upgrade but now it's back to what it was.

(formerly bcaffrey)
He who finishes with the most toys wins.
Mine is a nickname my family used when I was little and that I tried to stamp out after I was graduated from college. Unfortunately, I then went to work for the state and my mom worked in the state's central word processing unit ( and everyone knew Margaret and brought back the "latest" news back ). It backfired on her when I called and told her about 5 things going on... "Oh, I knew that," "So and so told me about that week.", ( you get the idea ).

So I hung up the last time she did that, called her sister, explained what my mom was doing, and then told my aunt I'd originally called to tell my mom I'd met this girl, but since she already knew everything... My aunt took the idea and ran with it. Gleefully!

Anyway, here I am in a knife forum and the dreaded nickname is a pun on oxidation, and a really rotten pun at that. So why am I telling you all this?

"Ayo Ghorapani!"

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Just wanted a personable easy to remember
handle. Always enjoyed what Bill Paxton brought to the characters he played. So...

"THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!!!"-Pvt.Hudson 'Aliens'
My SN is my favorite wood. It is also known as Macassar Ebony and is indigenous to the Philippines. It is tight grained, dense, and heavy, and hits like the proverbial ton of bricks.
My name is the short part of my Cherokee name which is Yvsa Gigagei or Buffalo Red, or Red Buffalo when taken to english.

I lived with my Christian name all the years I worked and had to deal with what I call,`the other world' and I didn't always like that person who was forced to play the corporate games in order to stay in the position I had attained most of the time. It didn't always play well being an Indin in that other world.
And now that I don't have to deal with `the other world' very often I can be who and what I truly
And as the guys here who have met me in person can tell you, what I am here is what I am in person, except in person I may get a little more rowdy and coarse, but I do try to keep that out of mixed

For those of you who may be calling me `ee-saw or some other mispronounciation here's how to pronounce my name.

But like I've said before, "I don't care what anyone calls me as long as they don't call me late to supper."

It is Yuh (n) sss a
" V " is pronounced " uh " in Tsalagi.
(n) is a nasal sound almost not heard.and connects with the Yuh as in --Yuhn sss is like a snake sound.
Yuhnsss   - a - is like a in father

Gigagei... The `g' is as the g in
get, the `i' is a long E.
The `a' is as in aah.
The `e' is as the letter `a'
So Gigagei is Gee-gaah-geh-ee or that's about as close as I can get it writing it down.

Almost everybody knows one Cherokee word. " V V " uh uh -- It means

Many people use it and never know where it comes from.
Kinda interesting. Isn't it ?


Indin word for lousy hunter.