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"How did you break a knife in the most stupid way?"

Oct 6, 1998
Hello, Please tell me how you broke that knife that you´re still thinking, -how could I do that!! of course it will break!! I´m just curious on this topic, haven´t done it myself(????)
Yours, 2Sharp aka Jonas

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Take a look at my post on this thread...I'm stupid all right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I did a few years ago and Snap Crakle POP! my knife broke, I was shocked and scared fecalless.....

I was trying to remove a 30AMP fuse/switch in my panel. I thought I had turned of the electricity but I had actually turned off my neighbors. The dumb thing was that when I went in my radio was still playing and I did not put 2&2 together. I had turned off the lights before I shut off the power so you could imagine the light show I go when I created the arc that sent me flying! Anyway electricity will snap your knife right in two!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Gee, Mike - sounds like you could have used a MD Mirage X back then
Since they are non-metallic they won't conduct electricity, even if you cut a live wire, right? Anyone willing to test this out and post the results to my forum?

Dexter Ewing
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Famous last words: "Real men don't need to turn off circuit breakers!!!"

Humorous regards--Shades
Left a D.H. Russel belt knife on the lawn while my father was mowing the lawn. The lawn mower broke the blade cleanly in two.

Well, mine is similar to Mikes. Had one of those military-issue electrician's knife, with a single blade and a fairly substantial screwdriver blade, and wanted to check if the power was on in a weapons pod on the wing of an F4 aircraft. After all, it was ONLY 24 volts! I was sharply reminded that current, not voltage, is what melts things. Incidentally, the power WAS on!


Only time I ever broke a blade was when I used a "training" Spyderco Endura as a throwing knife. Through a twist of fate however, I managed to lose it. Last I heard, the poor thing was in the hands of a caring owner and they lived happily ever after. The end.

Never Pry with a SAK. I've broken 3 that way.

Another tip: Never let you 5 year old cousin barrow a knife. Those little demons could break anything, including one of my knives. :p