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How do I find knife magazines?

Apr 7, 1999
I can't find out how to contact any popular knife magazines for subscriptions. No knife mags are carried in the stores in my area, and I haven't been able to find Blade mag or anything on internet search engines. I could also use help in the form of recomendations on which mags are good, seeing as how I only know the names of two.
dont know where you live...post above is direct line....but barnes and noble carry all the knife rags.....borders has most of them....
you might alos try actiongear.com - brigadequatermasters site, great catalog.
Another one is smkwknife.com - Smokey mountain knivess.
fe3stone.com is Ironstone blades, more goodies. Try those out...
Wait - were you looking for catalogs that sold them or magazines about them?