How do I get a job with a knife company?

Dec 10, 1998
I am currently working as a machinist for Morgan Construction who makes giant bushings and reducing mills. These things are huge!! I would like to work with smaller parts. I am also a knifemaker and would like to know if anyone has any ideas on getting a job working for say microtech or benchmade ect.. I also have a BS in Aquaculture and other credits to my resume.

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If I were you, I would find out who makes the hiring decisions and send them your resume with a cover letter.
Spyderco is hiring a machinist


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Benchmade posts job openings on their website.

Large shows, such as Bladeshow in Atlanta, would be a great source of contacts. All of the major companies are there. Yes, the folks in the booth are probably not the production manager or HR manager, but these people can take your resume and feed it to the right folks back at the office. More importantly, they can put it on the top of the stack saying, "Here is a guy I talked to at Bladeshow. He had some of his work with him. It looked good. He's got good ideas. He's excited. I think you should look at him." That's worth a lot. They can also give you the name of the best person for you to talk to at the company.

Now, I'm not a tax attorney, but I do know that costs of seeking a new job in your existing profession are often tax-deductible even you don't end up getting a new job. So, this is your chance to go to the Blade Show tax-deductibly. You may be able to deduct air fare, hotel, rental car, meals, admission, the whole thing.

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Hey Chuck,

Are you sure you want to work at a place where you are forced, as part of your job description, to play with all types of sharp-edged items all day long?

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SOG Specialty Knives, Inc.

Hell yes!

Now that would be COOL!

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A few useful details on UK laws and some nice reviews!
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Sounds like I might be able to go to the blade show for free this year! Thanks Gollnick, I'll make sure to bring some of my work and a few resumes!!

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As mentioned above Spyderco is looking for a machinist. Be sure and check them out.

After an 8 year break, and a full time job as a LEO, I started back to school and will have my degree in Organizational management in 6 mos. Besides bettering myself my motivation is to get a job at a knife company. I have no idea how to start looking for a job with them, but plan on mailing my resume to many knife companies. If anyone has any advice feel free to point me in the right direction.

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Striper 28- While I suggest you pursue the Spyderco position, you might think about the West Coast. A lot of knife companies in Oregon. A couple up here in Washington -- SOG at least. And, I'm not up on aquaculture at all, but we do have some aqua around here. A lot of cranberries in Grays Harbor area on the coast. Mention the latter because you might find something to tide you over til you found exactly what you're looking for.

Forgot to mention that in my area, across Puget Sound from Seattle, there are a lot of machinist jobs, mostly with the Navy. Of course over in Seattle, a little company called Boeing has a few machinests too.

Good luck!

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Not technically a "knife company" but I noticed a link at about applying for a job.
On another note, when I first started out performing magic I got a job selling tricks in a magic shop. I thought what could be better than doing magic tricks all day! Beleive it or not after 8 hours a day of the same tricks over and over, after a while it was just another job....I wonder if making knives gets to be the same .

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Bugs, if he wants to look up the little company called Boeing, he may have to run around awhile, they are bailing. I did like your pun though, the one about his aquaculture work being able to "tide" him over out here on the coast.

Go get that Spyderco position.
I have also had the opportunity to work at cove cutlery in C harleston Ri part time while I was in college, and it was not boring, I learned about knife mechanisms just by studyig the knife. I am going to try and make a latch release just from looking at one, and I have a new design for an automatic release mechanism in the works.