How Do I Sharpen Chiselgrind Blade

Jan 10, 1999
How are you supposed to sharpen a chiselgrind blade? I use the Spyder Co Triangle sharpening system, but do I sharpen both sides and use the same vertical position? Just curious (before making a big mistake).


You don't sharp chisel ground knives.
You just throwit away after your first
assignement !

Just sharp it on the grind side and then remove the burr on the other side.


never sharpen both sides. Sharpen the beveled edge until there is a burr on the flat side. After developing the burr, use a piece of cardboard or leather and remove the burr. You must create that burr for maximum sharpness.
...and don't hold the blade verticle. Color the edge with a felt pen to indicate when you have the blade at the correct angle, i.e. when the ink is getting removed from the whole edge.

The Sharpmaker angles are not much use on a chisel ground blade, so I tend to sharpen my Benchmade 97X with the rod in my hand, using the felt marker method to get the angle right. Carefull of your fingers. Emerson's web site has a description of his recommended sharpening method somewhere.

Another good tip is to put a piece of masking tape, or whatever tape you have, on the flat side of the blade when stropping to remove the burr. This holds the blade up at a very slight angle and helps preserve the finish.


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