How Do I Slice Newspaper?

Nov 26, 1998
I've read of a cutting test that cuts rolled newspaper and would like to hear from anyone that has done or seen this.

My thoughts are to roll a single sheet of newspaper into a 2-3 inch roll, stand it up and cut it like a hanging piece of rope.

I think I first heard of this in an article on Phil Hartsfield testing the sharpness of his swords. Have I got the right idea, of is there more to it than this? -Brian
This test depends a lot on the speed of your blade as well as its sharpness. A sword would have significant advantage over an equaly sharp hunting knife. I would expect best short knife results with a very thin razor sharp skinning knife. It would be pretty tough with a straight edge. A really sharp 8" chef's knife might do the trick.

Please try it as you suggested and report your results.
I saw RJ Martin perform this feat of sharpness at the Ashokan camp last year with one of his knives, very sharp blades from this man!

The news paper was rolled up and he cut it cleanly without knocking over the whole thing, he may comment if I have this wrong.

One test that I heard of was taking a sheet of paper, dropping it and then slicing it in half in mid air! I was able to do this with my Spyderco large Calypso, plain edge, Warning: be careful where you are slashing! you could easily be in harms way! or someone near to you!!!


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This reminded me of something...
I have seen Sal sharpen a piece of magazine on the Sharpmaker then cut another piece of magazine with was awesome
I saw the article where Phil Hartsfield sliced the newspaper and also showed how sharp his knives were by having one slice itself through a business card. Very nice.
Also saw him slice an empty soda can in half....pretty impressive.

Hey Danelle,
Are we looking at a future spyderco product?

God bless!

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one of the many strange things I did was I resharpend a cleaver for a friend and tested it. then I gotten bored, grabbed a pice of minilla rope (1/4th an inch) threw it in the air and took a swipe. The rope always came down shorter
The Tactical Magazine Knife.

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Brian - I have seen this test performed and participated. you have the right idea. 1 or 2 sheets of newspaper rolled up into a 1" - 2" roll. Place the rolled paper in a plastic pipe (PVC) taped to a post or with it's own stand.

Slicing across the paper roll with a slight downward angle is a tough cut. slicing at a slight upward angle is tougher (as it tries to lift the paper out of the pipe).

Fun test, go for it.
It sure gives a new meaning to "paper cut," doesn't it. Ouch. Someone must be sharpening all of my manila folders in my file cabinet.