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How do tou guys like the new forum?

Feb 1, 2001
That is the question. This one is more complex but should be ok once you relearn it! What do you think?
I haven't decided yet.
My first impression was :barf::D
It seems to me to be a bit slower than the other software, but it does have some nice features.
I do like the one new emoticon though.:cool:
But how do you get in to edit your own post?
I get a screen that says I'm not allowed.:barf: !!!!

But for some reason I'm not having to click the e-mail response button every time now, perhaps these are some of the bugs Spark said we were gonna have?

You edit your own post by clicking in the little box at the bottom of the message you want to change.

It's the second from the right I believe.

You may be trying to use the "edit" button at the top of your screen, which actually edits the previous user's post, instead of the one at the bottom to edit your own, which doesn't show up unless you scroll the display a little. At least that's what happened to me the first time I tried to edit.:eek:
On the whole, it seems to have a bunch of nifty new features, but may take me a while to figure them out - if I do.
That's for dayumed sure Bro!!!!!!

WhenI click the 2nd buttin from the right or the edit button I get this.........

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Who knows for sure? :D
Anything new is gonna have some bugs in it I suppose.
But somehow the steel beams for the Eiffel(sp) tower was out measured and cut on the ground and all the holes were put in.
Not ONE HOLE Had to be redrilled when the tower was put up.
Jut the difference in hardware versus software do you suppose?:D

Well I'll be dayumed. I clicked on the edit, 2nd from the left at the bottom and now I get in.
Oh well as long as it works.
And I'm sure glad I don'thave to erase the e-mail response tag each time now.
Tat was a pain!!!!
Definitely better than previous upgrade. Looks like its supposed to be more user friendly, what with all the buttons for doing what we did manually before. Barf icon is cool. Some wasted empty space on the borders of the screen. Its OK. At least its not too slow.
What I'm muttering under my breath reminds me of the gal in her early twenties who used to work with me. She used the word "fig" with an "r" snd "ing" added, obviously under the impression it was a euphemism like "dad gum it" or "darn".

She was quite embarassed when I sat her down to explain the word came from "frottage" which in turn came from the latin "friggere" (sp?) or erotic rubbing.

Anyway I'm making use of 16th and 17th century rather ribald descriptives regarding the change.
The older you get the more you hate it and I think I'm the senior of the forum. So, you can tell where I stand.
So is cancer, Spectre.
Man, does that sound cynical, I realize. I can remember long ago sitting around with a girlfriend and listening to Judy Collins singing "Everything must change," and thinking, "oh yeah." But I'm recently returned from Africa, and I can say with some degree of confidence that change is often not for the best.
After all is said and done, what happens often comes down to " Is there a good man making the final decision? ". And they seem to get scarcer every year.

But then as the saying goes, "... things ain't what they used to be, (and they never were ".
Mixed feelings. Hopefully it will be stable and efficient but I think it's kind of ugly and busy. I notice that the threads I have visited don't change color so it will take more care to avoid visiting the same thread again. I'm just glad it is up and running and the old crew is here.