How do you display your knives?


May 31, 1999
I am curious how others display their knives. I made a cabinet to hang on the wall. Put 1/8" wooden dowels to support the knives. Works ok, but feel there has to be some better way. Besides, the cabinet is nearly full! (;

What methods do others use?

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I have found the right hand pocket of my blue jeans to be perfect

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I use oak and glass display cases mounted on the walls. The knives are compressed between the foam/velvet and the glass, which holds them in place. They are available at among other places on the web. I take them off the wall and put them in the locked closet with one of my gun safes we we go out of town. The locked closet is protected by a hidden tear gas booby-trap. Been lucky so far, haven't tripped it myself
. A 12"x18"x2"" case holds about 12-15 open folders. They make bigger cases also.
Several years ago at the old Banning California dump I found a beautiful old piece of solid walnut table top.
I took it home and cleaned it up and use it to mount some of my knives on.

Two of the H.I. Kuhkuri's are mounted on the headboard of my bed.Some are in one drawer and others in a chest in my hobby room. Some others along with some Tomahawks are hanging on the wall in different parts of the house. The Moro Sword is hanging at the entrance to the kitchen.

My wife was saying the other day that I need to do something to display them all.
I guess giving her the H.I. 15" Ang Khola and the Kershaw 1416 has gotten her more interested than I thought. We are going to a gun and knife show when she gets home from work.
I was impressed when I first met her when se said she liked to hunt and had a 30-30 Winchester. She still has it too.


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You need to be a bit carefull about displays. They can draw attention to your collection and a thief to your house.

Aside from the value of your knives, one of the common thief's favorite items to steal is a handgun. There's a strong affinity between knives and guns.

I suggest against putting any display of knives or guns where it can be seen from outside the house, e.g. through a window or door.

I also caution against any display in any "public" room of your house, a room where uninvited callers might be received such as delivery men, peddlers, etc. Unfortunately, these people sometimes take advantage of their unique opportunity to enter houses to scout for thieves. They generally won't steal anything themselves, that would be to risky, but they'll just note your address and call their "friends" up later and report what they saw. Later, they'll receive a fraction of the haul.

So, a nice display can be a great way to show off your collection. Just be careful who you show it off to.

On the contrary my good man! A giant display of knives may actually discourage theft! Think about it, you are a thief, you break into my house, and are greeted by the sight of hundreds knives and swords- would you want to take the chance that I'm home, and angry at finding a theif in my house?

I have several custom built displays, from circular lexan for a VERY expensive sword, to a simple wood stand on the TV for my BM Axis that I carry.

My room is FULL of video production equipment, VHS tapes, and videogame stuff, so I really have no choice but to keep my knives around in drawers and on tables. My mom isn't a knife fan, and if she doesn't want them displayed in any other part of the house then my room, then they stay in my room where they are. Most of the knives I buy, I use... And I don't have anything bigger then an Axis-Lock or any other moderately large folders. I keep them all over the place, I am looking for a few folders right now that I have misplaced, they are probably in my car.


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You should know better than to count on the intimidation factor of a knife.

We're not talking here about the average criminal. If I were a non-average criminal and became aware of a house with a substantial collection of valuable whatever, I'd watch for a couple of days, get to know the routine, which car you drive, what lights you leave on, do you have a cleaning service, etc. Then, I'd put together a Federal Express envelope with a catalog from some company in it, dress in my best Fed Ex uniform, and ring your bell. If you answer, sword and all, I'd say, "Hello, delivery for you." You'd say, "How curious, I don't recall requesting this catalog. Maybe my wife did. Thank you." And that'd be it. But, if there's no answer, then I'll signal my gang we're going in. Unless you're home 24/7, if they want your collection, they'll get it.

A couple of years ago, a friend of a friend, who I met once, had a very bad incident. He was a very wealthy man, a well-known doctor, a Ham radio operator which is how I met him, and also a collector of rare coins, most of them gold coins. His house had an elaborate, professional security system, real locks on the doors, etc., of course.

He and his wife enjoyed the symphony and had season tickets. They usually went out for dinner before the concert too. On the evening of one concert, their daughter was staying at a friend's house. They went to dinner as usual. However, his wife, who had some tendency to migraine headaches, became ill during dinner. So, the decided to skip the concert and came home.

As they approached the house, things didn't seem right. The wife called 911 from the car phone, but the husband decided to go in through the garage. On his was through the garage, he pick up a hunting rifle. The wife heard one very loud shot and then many smaller shots. Fortunately, a police officer was just around the corner and arrived just as the shooting started. The police surrounded the house and brought out three robbers in fine condition, one robber seriously injured, and one dead homeowner.

The security system had been expertly deactivated, the locks expertly defeated, locked display cabinets had been expertly opened, they knew where the safes were and had the tools and know-how to open them, etc.

A few days later, my friend's wife had an appointment to go for a walk with the widow (they live only a few blocks away). After the appointed time had more than passed, she called the widow, but there was no answer. She decided to walk down figuring to either meet her along the way or perhaps find her out back by the pool. There was no answer at the door, so she let herself through the gate and went around back. She noticed the back door broken in and fled. The police entered the house and found the widow and the daughter tied up and shot in the back of the head execution style. Same type of ammo the robbers had used a few days earlier except the one was still in intensive care and the other three were still in jail. The widow had had the coins removed from the house immediately, of course, but there was still plenty of valuable stuff around. Nothing was taken. The second time, they didn't come to take property.

It's best not to attract this kind of people to your house, even if you have a really big sword.