How Do You Display Your Knives?

We're going to move shortly, and Missus Fire gave me permission to make some sort of display for all the knives that I've collected in the past. I'm not a real handy guy, and creativity is one of my shortfalls.
I was wondering if anyone's come up with a safe, and hopefully secure way of displaying their knives.
What worked for you?
Thanks in advance!
My wife hung one of those antigue lithographer drawers(shadow box) in our bed room. Before she started filling it with her "junk" I told her (asked nicly!) that I wanted half the space for some of my pocket knife collection. It works good for tradional styled pocket knifes less than about three and a half inches or so. I have some old Purina knives they used to give away at the feed store(a long time ago!), my Grandpa's old Keen Kutter, and several other, mostly of the stockman varity on display. Of course we don't (usually!) bring guests to our bedroom, but I enjoy having them there for my own viewing pleasure. It would look good in a living room, family room, or maybe a kitchen too.
I had a friends dad make me a box out of scrape wood. It took him about an hour and 5 bucks in scrap wood. The glass was 13.50 and hasp, lock and hing was about 8. Good luck
Thanks for all your input, guys. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works sells solid Oak display cases with glass tops and a removable "velvet" topped foam interior. The glass pushes the knives into the foam to hold them in place so they can be displayed vertically, but you can still easily remove a knife or rearrange the display. An 18" X 12" case goes for around $30. I have five of them with different colored interiors. They look good and keep the knives from moving around or getting dusty. I think that the foam acts as a desiccant to keep moisture at bay. I've stored untreated carbon steel antique pocketknives in one of these cases for years, and there's not a speck of rust anywhere. You can also stack them for storage in a safe.