How do you measure blade?

Oct 4, 1998
I just got my "Rifleman's Knife" from Dr. Jim Hrisoulas at Salamander Armoury And it is bigger then I though it would be. Not complaining just what to know where you measure blade from? I measure from guard. Jim called this a 12" blade but it has a 12" cutting edge but a little over 13" the way I measure it. Just like to know how you all measure?
Most companies measure the sharpened edge. Simply hold a ruler next to the blade and start from the sharpened edge to the point. This is not the actuall cutting edge (like how you would measure a perimeter or surface area). Some measure the extension of the actuall blade including the non sharpened area.

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In California, whenever we have to deal with a length limit the courts generally judge "stabbing penetration length".

When designing The Outsider I was tempted to throw the upper guard even further forward to limit stab depth to 5.5" to match Texas's limit on carry knives. But...I figured it would make it even more cockeyed, and with my luck Texas (like most states) measures cutting edge length.

As is, The Outsider can stab 6.5" (upper guard to stabbing tip) and has an 8.5" reach from lower guard to stabbing tip. A 1" choil means the prime cutting edge is 7.5" unless you measure up both sides of the "spike" in which case it's 1/2" longer. Probably the weirdest blade to try and measure ever

Jim March
Here in the UK the law says that you can carry a folding pocket knife with a cutting edge not greater than 3 inches. My trusty Gerber E-Z out has a 3 1/2 inch blade but a cutting edge of exactly 3 inches - thank you Mr Gerber :)

If the knife is made or sold as any kind of "folding fighter", or "combat knife" then it is illegal no matter how short the blade. The criminals, of course, can carry what they like - 'cos they don't obey laws anyway!


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As you have seen, there's no hard standard on blade length measurement. I've found many makers and companies that measure both ways.

For myself, I consider the "blade" the part of the knife in front of the guard, whether or not it's all sharpened. So I measure "blade" length from the front of guard to the tip. If I'm just measuring from the front of the choil to the tip, I call that the "edge" length.


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That is how I did it but like you say there seems to be no set way of doing it.