How do you post pics?

Oct 4, 1998
I have a few knife pics I`d like to post on another thread but I can`t figure out how to do it (duh!). Thanks, Marcus
post something then under the submit button clik on the UBB Code it will tell you how.

-Greg Johnson

Thanks for the tip Greg,but I don`t seem to have the hang of it. The UBB page illustrates how to do it with website pics but mine are on the hard drive. Do I have to do something different? Marcus
Marcus, email them to us, and we'll put them on our server here. From there, we'll give you the proper URL for the pics, and you'll be able to put them in your posts.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Marcus, most people use HTML codes to do it. That's what I do, anyways. I suggest pulling up any thread with pics and hitting "edit" on a post containing 'em. That'll allow you to copy out the codes and paste them into a notepad window or something...once there, substitute the URL for the graphic file in question and presto.

Errr...did I mention the need first to have the file up on the web somewhere?

If you don't have any webspace available with your ISP account you'll have to EMail the pic to Spark and he'll EMail ya back with the URL for where he stuck it.

Jim March
Check with your ISP....the guys that give you internet access. You probably have 2meg or so of storage you can FTP pictures to and then link to them from here. All the instructions will be on your ISP home page and here in the UBB help.

Go ahead jim say it was a good idea!
Hey Marcus, if that doesn't work you can always go to geocities or tripod or something. Geocities gives you something like 10 MB of disk space on their server for free. You're supposed to use it to make a homepage, but all you have to do is throw something on the page to keep it from being deleted. I use my geocities account to hold all my pictures.