How do you take apart a BM9700 without messing up the coil?


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Apr 6, 1999
(Most likely the short answer: "very carefully") I've got one of these 9700 Emersons that I've had for a while that I want to take apart and put threadserts into. I won't have to disassemble it to put the threadserts on the fram screws on the outer handle, but I was thinking of putting them on the clip screws as well since they too are threaded only into G10. What side of the handle (when looking at the folded blade-out side) is the coil spring in? Can it be disassembled without breaking the tension of the spring? While I've got it apart I also want to inlay some mosaics into the handle. It's a great knife, it just needs some improvements I think. Thanks.

The spring is in the clip side of the handle.Make sure the knife is in the open position when you take it apart.It is not a very difficult procedure.Email me if you have problems.Ken