How do you validate sword authenticity?

Mar 8, 1999
I purchased a WWII vintage Katana (metal sheath) from a friend of mine a few years ago. He told me then that he had found a piece of paper with Japanese writing on in the handle and was going to have it translated. Since then he has passed away and his wife has moved on. Is there any way I can authenticate the sword by any markings on it or the sheath?
It appears you may have a "gunto"...mass produced during the Imerial Military buildup prior to and during WWII.
Go "Magazine" and there is an article of relevance. Then go to the discussion forum and post.
Hey Barrie,
I have a friend who has a beautiful Japanese sword he purchased at a pawn shop in the early sixties for $50! He took a rubbing of some markings on the blade and sent it to the Japanese consulate to see if they knew anything about the maker. They wrote him back saying the sword was around 300 yrs old (I don't remember who the maker was). In the late sixties, a man offered him $10,000 in cash for it which he declined. This thing is UNBELIEVABLE and it's still razor sharp. The balance is perfect and you can tell that this thing is the real deal. This was probably a Family sword sent into battle with an officer who was killed and then picked up as a trophy. I would love to have something like this but I'll probably never have the bucks for one. I hope he puts me in his will!!!!
Good luck, Joe

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