How does the handle of MK1 feel compared to other traditional models?

Dec 5, 2021
In considering my choices for my first order from Kailash Blades, I am hoping for some insight from the community regarding handles. I have narrowed down my choices to the Mk1, the Pensioner, and the Dui Chirra. I love the look of the Mk1 handle, but it seems like it might be a bit bulky in the hand, with a more round cross section compared to other handles, which seem more oval in cross section. Am I even correct in thinking that the Mk1 handle is more rounded? What are your opinions of the feel of handles having more round versus more oval cross section?

Another question is regarding the middle rings of the grips. The Mk1 seems to have more pronounced rings than some of the other models. However, in various photos and videos of the other models, it appears that the size of the middle rings might vary from one particular make to another. Is that true? If so, is it possible to specify a handle with relatively more or less pronounced rings?

One idea I have to get a Pensioner with a handle style like that of the Mk1. Any thoughts?
Hey there mate! Hopefully the community can chip in with some of their own experiences.
The mk1 is a touch more rounded than other handles, but it's not something we've has many complaints about. The more rounded pommel flare our the back is a great feature for comfort and I often suggest it for people with medium-large hands looking for a snug handle for that reason. The pensioner is a pretty comfy handle and a good fit for medium- largeish hands.

The handle rings aren't particularly prominent on the mk1 I'd say. While there's two small ridges they're not quite as tall or sharp as on other handles. If you're concerned about them being too prominent you can always modify them yourself- it won't void warranty.

We can swap over handles between models if required.
No worries at all!
Order received and custom changes invoiced :)