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how far would you go?

Ok, fellow knifenuts,
How far would you travel in order to get a knife? I plan to drive 400+ miles this weekend in order to get a knife. What do you think?

Dec 6, 1998
Hey..i don't see a problem with THAT
...course, it always depends on the knife...a good knife?...blade show?...'ell, if you've got the money...GO GO GO

"I wouldn't mind you being inside my head if you weren't clearly so crazy."

I drive better than 500 miles to get to a shows regularly. I'm fortunate to have a friend that's as crazy as i am since it makes things a lot easier being able to share the driving and expenses.
Sounds reasonable to me. You have to do what you have to do.


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Hey grnamin, I looked it up in the dictionary:
Knifenut- One who is willing to drive 100 miles for a knife.

Heck, you're a knifenut case 4 times over!

Does flying count? I'm flying from Anchorage to Juneau on Columbus Day weekend to see the parents and get the rest of my knives and guns. I'm also going to look for some knives by a custom knife maker in Juneau. His late father had some knives in the magazines during the 70's. I can't remember his name.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

Let's see. 400 miles. Even if we conservatively estimate 60 mph (1 mpm) average driving speed, driving with your left hand and flicking another knife open and closing it back up with your right hand 30 times per minute, not counting changing radio stations, that comes to over 10000 flicks.

Have a great drive!


Is that thing shar...OW!
I have driven over 700 miles to sell knives. But Dr. Lathe has the right idea. Just have them shipped.

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What about flying 4218 miles from London, England to next years Blade Show. Just hope i can save up enough money to fly over and then afford to buy stuff.

Well, I did think about the shipping option first, but then I thought about Floyd coming up the East coast towards this area and I said to myself that that might delay the delivery. Every certified knifenut knows that overnight delivery is the only way to go.
. I decided to drive the few miles to pick up the knife in person. It's a Battle Mistress, by golly! It's great to be in the company of those who understand.

In the nexr couple months, I am travelling at least that distance, twice.

Once to Reeve's shop and again to Bellevue, WA for the knife show.

500 miles for a Battle Mistress in the middle of a hurricane seems pretty normal to me.

I mean, it's not like you're going to get a Beanie Baby or something useless.


The Question I REALLY WANT TO KNOW is,Am I crazy for meeting with a guy who would drive 500 miles on a weekend for a KNIFE? Not that I would't do it myself,isn't that what smokey mountain knife works is for?
The way I see it, I'd rather do something constructive while waiting to get the knife. This way, I know that I'm headed towards getting it rather than waiting impatiently for it. When you have knifitis in its advanced stage, you tend to behave like this.


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I traveled 320 miles to Winston Salem Custom Knife Show. Picked up 2 knives;one is a Microtech L-UDT which is serial numbered. I must be a knife nut.
Perhaps I'm odd, but I wouldn't travel ANY distance to buy a knife.
I've found that everything I want is available from resources on the Net, especially the contacts I've made here.
I figure that the $11 I spend on overnight delivery is a better bargain than whatever my expenses would be if I were to travel.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?