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How good is micarta?

Oct 12, 1998
With the summer coming up, and I want to continue to carry my RJ Martin Quickening with micarta handle slabs. I am wondering if carrying this knife close to the skin, with the perspiration that comes with it, will negatively affect the micarta. Does anyone know if the micarta will lose its color or something like that?
Canvas micarta, especially if it is sandblasted, wll darken from perspiration and skin oils. Don't know about polishe or paper micarta.
I have a Mini AFCK that is custom with micarta scales that I have carried for about 3 years. I have not noticed any fading or cracking due to closeness against my skin or sweat. (I have to carry it some odd places when wearing a skirt or a dress.
The micarta has held up very well, better in fact than some of my steel handled knives. I have had my Rookie for only a few months and its already pretty scratched up, while my Mini AFCK is is great shape. I also enjoy carrying the micarta a bit more cuz it slides out of my pocket somewhat smoother than my other knives. This is true not just for the AFCK but also for my Mini Calypso.