How hard has anyone pushed a BM350?

Jun 25, 1999
I just got one and I love the shape and the feel of the knife. Problem is I'm afraid to use it really hard. It seems like if I put all the pressure I can when I cut something, I might snap the handles.
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I guess it depends on what you mean by hard use. I've had, and carried, the combo one for ~ a year in my back pocket, with the clip removed. I've used it for;
letter opening
cutting cardboard
cutting plastic (ty wraps)- serrated section works great.
carving a wedge
etc., etc.
I wouldn't attempt to cut through a 2x4, or any like task, but I've had no trouble with the knife & still carry it on a daily basis. With the clip removed it has a very slender profile & weighs < 2 oz, perfect for my needs.
Hope this helps, but "hard use" is subjective to the knife user, IMO.
I carried this piece exclusively back "IN THE BEGINING" of my collecting "CAREER" and I have to say that the only thing this piece didn't do well was twist. Sufficient torque seemed to make the blade locking mechanism "tired" after a while. I took this thing camping and used it as my all purpose folder one week, and let me tell you, it held up awesome! I cut everything from wood to cans and other than the obvious scratch or two, and needing a mild resharpening, the knife performed flawlessly.
Cheap enough to carry everyday without a second thought, this piece is the stapple of any knife enthusiast's collection.

Stay Sharp!
Steve in NYC
I have a 350 BT. I haven't used it really "hard," but more for what I would consider gentleman's pocket knife duty. I have found perhaps due to the blade shape the BT2 coating rubs off more easily on this knife than on my BT2-coated AFCK.

Obviously, it's not designed for prying, twisting, or chopping. But for what it's made for, cutting, it fills its purpose very well.