How I converted my 2x36 to a 2x72 for less than $5

Apr 14, 2001
A piece of angle iron, a few washers, one bolt, a couple of holes, and I had had a 2x72.


I started off with a 2x36 multi-tool attachment for a bench grinder. I simply removed the 3" contact wheel, attached the piece of angle iron, and placed the wheel on the other end. I used a few washers between the iron and the wheel to get the correct spacing.

The belt tracking is built into the multi-tool so I didn't have to worry about it. It tracks great, runs smooth, and it takes a long time to spin down which means it's well balanced. I was surprised at how easy it was and how well it works.

By the way, here are a couple pics of my latest project. It's my second folder....


Thanks -chris
Hi Chris

You get an "A" for ingenuity!

From the pic I assume you do only flat grinds on the platen? It doesn't look like there is enough room to work directly on the wheel...

How about some specs on the folder? I like the dovetailed scales.

Dave Evans
Tenino, WA
You are correct. I only do flat grinding. The bottom wheel is the drive wheel, and it has a 7" sanding disc on the side. You can see the back of it in the photo. I sometimes use the 3" contact wheel when I'm grinding profiles. The radius is too tight to do any hollow grinding. The bad thing about the modification is that I have to get up on a bucket to reach the contact wheel. ;)

The blade, back, and spring of the folder are made of 01. It has a brass liner and nickel silver bolsters. The scales are ivory micarta. I used nickel silver for the pins. I don't know if you noticed, but I put the finger nail grip thing on the wrong side. I realized this just after I finished cutting it.

Thanks -chris
Hi Chris, that's a nice setup. Thanks for sharing it.
Regards, Greg
Hi Chris,

That's a great idea. I'm going to do it with my multitool machine. The only thing different about mine is that I positioned the arm so it points down and at a slight angle towards me so that I can use the contact wheel (which is very important to me and half the reason I bought the machine). I then had to mount the motor on a pedestal so that the arm would clear the benchtop. You could easily do the same thing except you will have to switch it to the other side of the motorin order to access the platen. Also, you could get yourself a larger contact wheel which is what I will be doing!

Thanks for sharing..... Oh yeah, NICE KNIFE!
Grat idea Chris...With the savings on building this grinder you could afford to just buy another set up and modify it so that the whhel in pointing straight out from the grimder and thus you could use the wheel to do the contouring.
That is a really Slick looking folder also.

How do you keep your shop so CLEAN:eek: I wish mine would stay pretty and clean like that for atleast a day or so....

Keep up the great work,
Bruce: My shop gets clean when ever I'm going to take a photo. Other than that, it gets pretty messy!:)

I started off with my multi-tool attachment on the other side of the grinder with the wheel directly tward me. This worked good for the wheel, but I couldn't flat grind too well. I thought I could rotate the arm up and turn the grinder around, but then the sparks were flying up and not down. Then I did what you are talking about. I put the arm at a downward angle so I could flat grind and get to the wheel. But the problem with this is that I had to hang the grinder off the bench. After that I decided to mount the attachment on the other side, and stand it up.

You came up with a good idea about adding a larger contact wheel. Then all you would have to do is change the length of your angle iron. A friend of my told me that he called Grizzly and ask them how much for a replacement 8" contact wheel, and they said something like $28. This is better than any other price we have seen, and it should be an OK wheel. I'm sure it's not as nice as the wheels on these high price grinders, but it should be fine for the multi-tool.

Please post a photo when you get yours converted so I can see how you did it.

Thanks -chris
Chris, I don't want to pizz in your cornflakes (I really do like your innovation) but aren't you treading a dangerous line with that setup? It looks as if you'd want more than one bolts and some vice grips keeping that thing rigid. I only mention this to save your fingie wingies :)
I believe it's safe. The one bolt will hold the arm secure, and the vice grips are just a back-up. I didn't want to make any changes to the multi-tool itself. I check it each time before I use it.

Thanks -chris
Glad to hear it :) I'm on the verge of buying one of those suckers my ownself and will no doubt follow your lead...I hope your commission is cheap :)
Vise grips, I love Vise grips, except those cheap ones that smack-a-you fingers:p

Kewl folder, I like it :D :D :D
Chris only did this so he could one-up me again and have a 2x72 before I did. :mad:

Heheheh, just kidding. But really, talk about ingenuity. You should see his power hammer! :eek:

Rob Frink has just shipped my wheels for my homebuilt grinder, should be up and running by Saturday. If it stinks, I'm buying a multitool and following Chris's lead. Chris is correct. I called Grizzly and they will sell you the 8inch rubber covered contact wheel that comes on their 2x72 setup for a measley 28.50. Not too shabby for a contact wheel. I've heard grizzly's wheels are out of true, not balanced well, etc but for 28.50, I'll deal with it.

Derek Melton
Here is a picture of the "Power Hammer" Derek was referring to. The hammer broke off after about three whacks. I've been using it as a rag and belt rack. :(


But Derek don't know about the new toy I picked up today. It's a 25# Little Giant. :cool: (Sorry, Derek)



That's a nice vintage machine..

lovely folder too.

Can I ask where you got your multitool???