How long for a Busse Knife?

Jul 23, 1999
I would like to buy a Basic 5 or 7, but I would like to know how long it is taking currently for Busse to make and deliver knives. Also is there a good company to buy it from instead of through Busse because I have read that this is a better way of getting them? And what is a good price for a Basic series knife?
Discount Knives has the Basics advertized for a low price and since they price match you will be hard pressed to beat them in that area. Since the Basics are a production item most internet dealers would be selling them I assume once they get going.

The full INFI versions are another matter. They are in the "custom" class of knives and usually they are carried by different dealers. For the last while the wait on the INFI versions has been long but that was said to be because Jerry Busse injured his hand in the shop awhile back.