How long have you dug Knives?

Feb 9, 1999
So we love to fondle our knives, we talk of them, we research, we trade, buy, sell, have too many...wait a second, have too many, no way!!
How long have you been into knives? That is my question...and possibly what got you started, to slowly slip into knife mania?
30 years, but rabidly only a short time. I think our attraction to knives is a basic instinct. After all, we don't have Freddy Kruger claws like a tiger or hypos like a rattler.
Thirty-two years ago in Alaska, all my classmates in 1st grade had knives. I didn't want to be the odd man out so I had my dad take me to the hardware store and buy my first two bladed, yellow handle Case pocket knife.
That's cool. In first grade I became a full blown edge enthusiast. I was the only one with a knife in my class, and when my teacher saw them, she freaked. I spent the rest of the day in detention. And to think they were just sitting in my box. And that was 21 years ago.

Today, of course, kids who are caught with knives are tried as adults, convicted, burned alive then electrocuted.

Ever since i first sliced my palm open with an 8 inch chefs knife when i was bout 5... I still havent learned...
36 years ago, my dad gave me his old pocketknife. It had seen better days and it was time for a new one.Looked like a muskrat but not made by Case. It took 30 seconds to fall in love with it. Later that year my little brother and I were digging in the back yard as little boys are wont to do, when we dug up an old Spanish dagger. Pewter handle,integral guard, horn(buffalo?) inlays and an etched 8" blade. pretty rusted but still servicable.The etching was of a deer with a landscape in the background. It sharpened very well and we used it throughout the remainder of our childhoods as our woods carry knife. Sitting and looking at that knife and speculating about it's origins and where it had been and what it had seen had planted the seed of knife interest that has seen it's fruition in my adult life. I only had those two knives which I shared with my brother. I think part of the reason I have 125+ knives today is my childhood desire to have more options for knife carry. OPTIONS!! I LOVE OPTIONS!! Having sooo many options when picking my daily carry knife floats my boat and makes my world go round!! We, as knife users and knife collectors are so VERY BLESSED to live in this day and age when new options in materials and styles and mechanisms are brought before us literally on a daily basis! REJOICE!!! We are the luckiest knife lovers in the entire history of the human race!! BAR NONE!!
I found it interesting that I had an interest in knives but never really had an awareness of it. One day a year or so ago I got to wondering how many knives I had. I figured two, three, well . . . maybe four . . . oh, I forgot about that one, five . . . and that other one, six . . . and that little one I thought looked cool, seven . . . that's about, all, I guess . . . except for number eight . . . and . . .

Well, you get the picture. Liking knives was such a part of me that I hadn't really given it alot of thought. Over the years I've accumulated quite a few.

. . . and since these forums came around I've accumulated a few more!

Little River Trading Co.

I think the interest was sparked when I was about four, which means 32 years ago, when I was taught to properly walk with a steak knife point down for safety. I got my own first knife, which was a very old Camillus scout knife from my dad...the blades were rusted, sharpened down to almost nothing, and hard to open. It got me started, though.
Mine started many years ago in Arkansas. My father had itenerate farm help that were housed in a bunk house. I would always help provision for the upcoming cotton harvest. Dad saw that I had my eye on one of the short utility knives. It was handed to me and Johnny Weismiller and I were jungle parteners for a couple of years , till I lost it.Wish I still had that knife.......
I have been into knives for three years, but I have only been a knife nut for one year.
I've been a knife knut for only five years, but sometimes, that's all it takes. The number of knives one has does not reflect how into knives he is.

I need a bigger bucket.

Interesting statement "The number of knives one has does not reflect how into knives he is."

Could you elaborate on it? Are you saying that someone who has $20-30,000 worth of knives may NOT be into knives??? :{}

The choices we make dictates the life we lead.

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~ Pocket knife at age 7 (christmas gift)
~ Buck folders at 10
~ Fixed blades at 15 (hunting)
~ First Balisong at 22, stabbed myself in the leg, trying to open it for the first time while driving home from the purchase. Been in love with them ever since.

.....all totaled, 30 years of ownership, and I "dug" 'em from that very first one!

Clay G.

Scouting starts a kid out early with proper knife handling. From Tenderfoot to the present - 24 years. Where has the time gone?
I've been into Knives for about 2 years. My first knife I got 2 years ago was a black handled beretta which a freind gave me. A year after that on a trip to Europe I got a Russian Bayonet to an AK47, a cheap Nato front opening auto, and a non-auto Italian steletto. Thats probably when i got realy into knives.