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How long to wait

Oct 3, 1998
So how long does one wait for a QUALITY custom or hand made production:
1) Knife
2) Sheath system
occasionally I see people griping about the wait time on products and other times I see guys happy about getting that brand new "xxxx" and really not complaining at all about the 8 month wait.
How long would you wait for that just right tool? Are we crazy?
I would think it depends on who the maker is and how bad ya want it. I believe it was a "Blade" magazine(last month or so) article about one custom knife maker with a 7 year wait. Who is it with a 20 year wait?? I was talking to James Piorek(JSP Bladerigger) at the Blade Show and he said he had a 1 1/2 to 2 year wait at that time. No we are not crazy, its just that some of the better things in life you have to wait for. If it helps any think of it as a looong layaway.
Depends on how bad you want it.
If your willing to wait that long because you are that sure that you want it...then its worth it.
If your dont want it bad enough to go throu the wait, then its not.
There is also the matter of impatience...but still if you really really want it...its worth the wait.

Did that make any sence?