how loose should an axis lock be?


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Jan 18, 2001
I just got a BM940 and it is easily flickable. It also has side to side play. This would seem logical, but I wanted to check and make sure that you can't have it flickable and totally tight at the same time. Any thoughts would be appreciated..
Side to side play is not acceptable. My 940 is solid and has no blade play.. You might want to tighten the pivot a little but I would contact BM.
I agree with Scott - there is no need for blade play to keep it flickable. Mine have no play, and I pretty much only flick them open.


Tighten the pivot screw.

No need to contact BM unless there is still side to side blade play after tightening the pivot screw.

It is an axis lock. Tightening the pivot screw will have no affect on the lock-up, although if you get it too tight, it will obviously (or not so?) affect the flick-ability.

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Yes- - tighten the pivot screw. But first, back it out completely, clean the threads inside and out and apply a little blue LocTite and then tighten to the exact level. Then let the loctite "set" overnight. I've done this numerous times with excellent results.