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Feb 11, 1999
Also DO NOT SEND emails to ABC-Direct asking about your order. We are only using there secured server because we do not have one, YET
All the orders are automatically directed to us and they will not know anything about your order as they have nothing to do with it.

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I already ordered mine, and am looking forward to getting it. I was a little disappointed when I heard that they are expected to start shipping on the 4th of June, as I am going on travel on the 5th and won't be back until the 20th. But, c'est la vie, eh? Oh well.
I'm really looking forward to getting mine. The preamble is a bit rought at my house because SWMBO saw the credit card charge and asked about the item (hadn't mentioned it to her

When it comes, I'm sure she'll like the beautiful blue!
Mike, I' ve posted this q before on the BF store forum and understandably Spark was extremely busy in doing maintenance work, but when will members who ordered receive a confirmation from BF? I understand that ABC will not need to give confirmation. Just curious since we are fairly close to delivery time.


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The quickest way to see if your order was received is to check your credit card statement for a bill from WOW of Jacksonville, FL. If you got the knife and standard USPS/UPS ground, your charge is going to be $104.95. If you are out of the US or ordered more stuff, add appropriate dollars.

Otherwise it's going to take me a while to track down every order and email them. We are talking 300 knives here, plus whatever other orders etc. So, again, the fastest way is to check your CC statement.


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