How many going to the SE Custom Show in Winston-Salem?


Jun 27, 1999
I am just taking a general count to see how many people will be going to the South East Custom Show in Winston-Salem, NC? The show is on Sept 10-12.

We will be there, look us up, for great deals on Stag, Buffalo Horn, Pearl & Damascus.



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You can count on me. I think a lot of other N.C.BF members will also be there.Hope to see you there. Will definately stop by.

I'll be there along with my partner in LDC, Bob Neal.

You will know you found us when you look at our tables and think to yourself, this is the best selection of top name custom knives I have ever seen.

That's us.

By the way, if you want to sign up for Honorary Knifemakers Guild membership, stop by and give me your name, address and phone number.

Or Email me the info.

Les Robertson
Robertson's Custom Cutlery
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My wife and I will be there as well as friends..

I hope to meet everybody there, its always neat to put a face with a handle...

I'll be there bright and early on Saturday along with a few Charlotte area forumites.

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Deo Vindice

Count me in too

Dexter Ewing
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YEP! I'll be there with the rest of the NC Gang!


I'll be there in spirit!! (I don't get outta here 'til December)

Sheesh, if it wasn't bad enough I missed the Blade Show in June, my wife told me she had received the cards for the show the last time I spoke with her.

Special note....If Les Robertson's table looks anything like it did last year he will definitely have a crowd and a half!!
I'm SO there. I've been looking forward to this since last september.

Hopefully I can drag dad along and show him some awesome stuff.

Whoo Hoo!
We all need to find a place and time to meet up, its always nice to put faces to the names, and I havent met a forum member yet that I didnt have something in common with..

So when and where, I know the show, its got a big lobby with 2 floors!!

So all the forum members that are going is 12??? thats crazy, theres gotta be more people than that going.....

CPR - where are you, dude? You gonna make it?

Bobby - you bringin' that Speedtech? Nah, didn't think so,,,

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Deo Vindice


You made 2 very valid points.

#1 - We should all meet up somewhere.

#2 - Not that many responses that say they are attending.....

See everyone there.


I will bring the Speedtech,I promise!
Just don't drop it!

See ya,

Now Bobby, just 'cause I dropped my Carson Model 4 onto concrete, that doesn't mean that I'm gonna do the same to your's. LOL

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Hey guys, I am driving down from western MD. and just made reservations at the Days Inn North in Winston Salem. Hope to see other forumirtes there.