How many knives are in your pockets?

Sep 20, 1999
I want to know if I'm the only person that can't carry just one knife. Right now I have a Kershaw Mini Task and a Spyderco Blue Native in my pockets. On my keychain I have a Spyderco Ladybug and a Leatherman Micra. Since I'm at work, nothing I have is big, but it's nice to have a few toys to admire alone in the office.
Today, PST II on my belt, Old-Timer 330T in my pocket.

Tomorrow, who knows?

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
I just carry my benchmade 910, for awhile I was also carrying various combos of the 910, 975, Emerson Commader, and a Cold Steel Safe keeper.
SAK Executive
SAK Cowboy
David Boye Cobalt folder
Boye/Loveless Persona

Travelin' light, usually it's 7 or 8
better check my other pants!


I don't have a solution,
but I admire your problem.

I'll second the thought of "today".

Clockwise from front right pocket. BOKER KLOTZI Warncliff,Magna,Impulse,Carnivore and SAK.

No wonder I was lighter this morning!



Guns are for show. Knifes are for Pros.
Here are the knives I am carrying today:
Spyderco Police - right pocket
Calypso Liteweight - Left Pocket
Matriarch - rear right pocket
Spydie necklace knife
Spyderco Cricket on my keychain

Dale Richmond
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Sorry double post

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Spydie Endura and a leatherman Micra im my right front pocket.

Mad Dog YFA, leatherman Wave and CS Recon Tanto in my briefcase ( I spend a lot of time in urban Los Angeles after midnight).
2 (or 1 or 4, depending on how literal your interpretation of "pocket" and "knife"):

Benchmade 710BT Axis Lock - right front pocket
Spyderco pink Cricket - right front waistband
Leatherman Micra - left front pocket
Spyderco Mini-Police - neck chain

The Cricket is for smaller tasks, and to keep from accidently scaring the more easily intimidated with a larger knife. The Micra hardly registers as a knife to me, it's just scissors/file/screwdrivers, and the Mini-Police is jewelery and symbolic.

BTW, per Mr. Mattis, such threads as this are supposed to spell "pockets" as a Gollum-like "pocketses" -- an affectation which I find has kinda grown on me

-- Carl

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Some of you guys have huge pockets!

I can fit only one in my mine. I carry always a Swisstool in my backbag and that bag follows me everywhere. At work I put that ST to my belt if there is even a slight possibility to use it. I dont know if backpack qualifies as a pocket. I consider that I have one and a half in my 'pockets'.
In this morning I had Kershaw 1416 but had time to drop at home and changed to Spyderco Harpy
I have considered leaving some toys in my desks drawers...

I don't know how that unhappy face got in my post. It would be great to be able to change the icon later.

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710 bt
spyderco harpy
gerber multi tool
sog mini tool
livesay titanium tiger

damm i need more cause i am running light today!!

just replaced 710 with my starmate

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It's a fairly light day here since I'm wearing "business casual" & can't let clips & such show...

* Matriarch - right rear pocket, next to wallet
* Centofante - clipped inside right front pocket
* Cricket - left front pocket as money clip
* Ladybug - keyring
* REKAT Fang neck knife



Customized Bladeforums Native in front pocket (no clip). Crawford Carnivore in hip pocket.

Always a few. A little Richartz lives on my keychain. A BM emerson or Elishewitz is always in a jacket pocket, and I usually select one other one to take with deliberately, depending on what I need. If I'm in the car, I have one by my seat for emergencies[currently a Freedman], a bigger one in the trunk[currently a Buck, but usually a Gerber or Cold Steel TM], and a Wenger multi in the glove compartment. Can't be too prepared...

Buck CrossLock DB
Gerber Gator
Swiss Tool
Sebertool M4
Micra (yet to be properly trained in its use though
Lost my Ladybug

Oh yeah. These questions usually include other stuff. Princeton Tec Blast, Red Photon I, Pen w/Space Pen refill, Timex Ironman, Altoids.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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I allways carry at least 3 knives ,Ihave a new one though ,Ken Onion kershaw ,case 6488 congress ,one of mine TbarK , and sometimes a cheep jaguire for cutting that 50 grit cloth belt I use on my disk sander
BM Mini-Stryker clipped to R. front pocket.

Buck 503 drop-point lockback in L. front pocket.

Buck Minibuck on keyring.

CRKT KISS as moneyclip in fanny pack.

Victorinox Executive inside of R. front pocket. (at work this often changes to my SAK Classis...the screwdriver fits easier working the connector cables for my steno machine).

Am I the only one...when I see a folder in a movie that I also own but don't have on me, I get a strong urge to then carry that folder. Weird.
Well today...AFCK M2,Spyde Police necklace,Case classic stockman and a Spyde SS Hunter. In my toolbag, lots of goodies! Swisstool, Supertool, Military, Mini Dyad, SS Harpy, and even a Winchester BH Sunfish...Just in case I feel the need to change any of my knives thru out the day

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"