How many knives have you lost?

I may be alone here, but I have lost several knives. The most memorable one was a large Buck fixed blade that my wife (girlfriend at the time) gave me for Christmas. I was wading a stream fishing and when I got finished for the day I noticed the knife was gone! I had placed it sheath and all in my back pocket. A couple of weeks later while fishing the same stream I found my knife! laying on the bottom of the stream in about 2 feet of water. Now 13 years later it has a safe place in my home where there's no fear of losing it until maybe my oldest son loses it once it is handed down to him.
By the way, this is the only knife I have lost and then found the other 6 or 8 are still missing.
Am I the only one here?


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Oct 13, 1998
I've lost and found a SAK a few times. I did loose a Delica II at school that didn't turn back up. So I replaced it.
I lost just one in my life, I was about 13 wgen it happened: yellow CASE knife that had two blades - one was for filleting, and the other was a hook remover, fish scaler, and bottle open. The coolest thing was the small stone that was set into the side of the handle with a groove in it for sharpening fishing hooks! I was so bummed out
Ever since then I tie a piece of dacron cord to any kinds of 'tools' I took with me fishing and just attach the end to my canvas fishing bag. Haven't lost anything since
Knock on wood

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Misplaced MAD DOG Operator in REI dressing room. Recovered 2 hours later.

Thank goodness.

I lost several Taylor/Seto balisongs over the years. That hurts particularly bad because they can't be imported anymore. The worst part of it was the fact that two of the three that were lost were actually stolen. I'm much pickier now with my taste in friends . .

Too many to list, starting with the nice little SAK an aunt gave me about age 10 (the same day). Have found a few, tho, so I may be slightly ahead on points.
I've had three stolen. Actually, they happened to be in the things which were stolen. One was a small SAK, stolen along with a leather jacket that I had left in my car. The other two were stolen at the same time from my house; a Spyderco Police that was in another leather jacket, and a Gerber Guardian Back-up that was clipped to a leather boot.
I have only lost one knife.
It was a pocketknife, I lost it when I was camping at least it wasnt that expensive.
I never lost a knife until I tried using a pocket clip. I hate clips

Lost my original Endura at work. Lost my replacement Calypso Jr. two weeks later. Found it three weeks later. Lost my Endura II. Found it 4 days later. I'm convinced my warehouse is haunted.

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Two delica's lost while using their clips. The small sebenza I now carry goes in it's sheath!
Lost a knife just last Sunday... also probably due to the pocket clips. I clip it on my back pocket, but my back pocket had a hole in it. With clips, I wasn't worrying, but never thought it would move out of place and slip right through the hole! arghhh....

Oh well, gotta get me another Ascent to replace the one I lost.