How many makers are on this forum?

Oct 5, 1998
I'd like to know how many people on this forum make knives. Doesnt matter if your a pro...If you're into making knives lets hear it!

I have made 1 knife, with help, and learning design and hope to start making on my own very soon. (dont have the tools needed yet)


Mouse Assassins inc.

I have been messing with knifemaking for about 10 years now ( im 25). The past 3-4 years i have become good enough to sell my stuff. Ill be on the net with my own page soon.

Jens Ansø

Been making knives since 1984, only full time for a couple years when a horse fell on me and blew out my knee while working ranch jobs. Hope to be full time again very soon!
I collected knives for a couple of years, and then the guy who got me started collecting dragged (almost literally) me to a knifemaking class. That was two years ago.

I spent last year working seriously at it, and things have worked out pretty well. Did one knife show in the US last year, probably do three this year. It's sure been fun.

I'm still around, just been very busy thru Christmas and now the SHOT Show. I'll start posting responses in a few more weeks.
Me too,full time for the last year.

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I own a web design company and would like to offer any knifemakers out there a special deal on a website. I will beat anyones rates and give free hosting. I am such a knife nut I will probably do it for next to nothing. Or maybe work out some kind of trade. Maybe a discount on a knife. If you want to see any of my companies sites go to e-mail me at if interested.
I`m just getting started in knife making. I`ve made 4 so far(one`s sold already!). It`s bitten me pretty hard. I bought a belt grinder last week,a small propane forge this week and I have an order of grip panels and steel coming in next week,enough for about 10 more. This could really be habit forming!
Made my first in 1955.
Knifemakers Guild member.
History and knife pix

Ben R. Ogletree, Jr.
Well, I've been at this on and off part time for ten years, and full time this last year.

so far I think I've spent more on materials than I made this month, but hope to make up for it when I've got three shows within a month's period of time from mid-March to Mid-April.
I owe a lot to the guys on the forums and newgroups, and the knife maker's, and knife colectors list for ideas and support turning this into a business here

mel sorg aka 'madpoet
madpoet custom knives
Tom mayo here....knifemaker since 1982, just found this forum the other day....just got my own web site last and i am americas westernmost out my feature in the next Tactical Knives....thanks
Been at it full time since 1977.

For those of you coming to the SHOT Show, be sure and stop by the CRKT booth for a visit.

Best regards,
Jim Hammond
I have been a knifemaker since 1985.
I am also a Journeyman Bladesmith with the ABS since 1992. I Revived the American Knife Throwers Alliance in 1995 and have written a few articles on the subject for Blade Magazine. Check out the new issue of Blade "April 1999". It tells how I got started.

Bobby Branton


I'm like Shaded Dude, I've made one (from a kit). I'm working on #2 but I'm spending most of my time w/ my 2mo old son (don't
regret it either). Just limited to some files, sand paper, clamp, and dremel. Had fun on the last one though.
Good luck,
Been a maker since 1988. Went full time in September '97. My main claims to fame are my bearing pivot system and my D/A's.
Well, I've made 6 knives(2 out of steel too


PS: Matt, I looked at the knives on your page and I must say Great Work! Those knives look really really nice.

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