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How Many of you have customknives

I got two...The Cetan I won from here....Oh, yea, she's a user....and the Mantis that I am finishing up....I am sorta debating on it being a user or not....at first I wanted to have it as a more or less decorative/defensive knife...but as I work on it, it keeps begging for me to use(abuse) it...it loves to be stuck into 2x4's...


gotta ask...
WHAT are the dimensions on that bad boy??

And how many would-be attackers have lost control of their bladders upon unsheathing?

The closest I come to a custom is my Large Sebenza.
Unfortunately I do not have the duckets to pick one up.
I have to say that there are still quite a few productions I want so it may be some time, if ever. Besides, if I am going to spend the money I want a user not a show piece.
Oh well.

God bless!

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I currently have one custom knife... a Dozier Yukon Pro Skinner. I also have 2 custom knives ordered with Talonite blades... a Rinaldi TTKK and a Simonich Cetan.

I use the Dozier a lot, and will use the other 2 extensively. The TTKK will become my daily kitchen knife, and so will probably see the most usage of the 3.

I have mainly Polkowskis as my customs. I carry the Companion and hope I don't have to use it. It goes with me most everywhere.

I carry a Cold Steel Voyager as a worker. It is cheap enough that if I lose it or break it I am not too concerned.
Picked up my first custom last weekend. She will be used. Hope I can use her next week during a hog hunt.The maker showed me a George Herron style that he will be making. I'll order one of those in a few weeks. I think I've got it...think I got it BADD...
I used to think so, but I have been advised that Randalls are not considered customs. I still love them anyway.

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I have a Bud Nealy 5" Kinzhal in Mier Damascus that i've carried frequently for 5 years or so.

Also, although not quite a "custom", I have a special order Bowie with an 8", ice tempered, stainless blade made by Carl Schlieper in Germany. It was carried and used hard in Africa, Asia and the Middle-east for nearly 15 years. Still works great and still one of my favorites.

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Yes, I have customs and yes, I use them.

1) Elishewitz Ghost

2) Carson Medium Model 4

3) Crawford KFF

All built for use and look for more! There is something about a knife that you can identify the person who actually made it. You can also talk to the maker. I think it's pretty cool when Kit Carson remembers making my knife and asks me how it's doing.

Sure, I have the knives from Microtech, Benchmade, Spyderco, REKAT, Buck, Gerber, etc. and they are great knives, but they are not custom. Can't explain it, but I like the customs- I don't care how many people malign the choice to go with a custom.

I usually carry several knives on me and usually some are custom and some production. It all depends on my mood that day. Customs that I am most likely to carry are Terzuola's, Lightfoots, Carsons, Crawfords, RJ Matins, Polkowskis, and Emersons. These are usually backups but all will be and are used in a pinch. I like to carry one custom along with a "Beater" which is usually a factory knife. You just don't get the "warmth" out of factory knives that using a well designed custom provides. It is the extra measure of satisfaction that makes them worth the price, especially if it was a knife you had made to your specs.

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I've got quite a few factory and bench-made knives, but I've only recently been in a (financial) position to start buying custom knives. I have a few "using" pieces for daily carry (a Bailey Bradshaw trapper, a Keith Coleman folder and a DeLeon Jungle Fighter) and one "just for show" piece (a Vince Evans Scottish Dirk). Also an HI Ang Khola, but I don't think that can accurately be called a "custom" knife.
Chortle...that bad boy always gets a reaction!

Corduroy: Bill Martino also noted the similarity to the Kora. That wasn't intentional. There WAS intent to include the "overhead smash" combat ability of the Khukuri with something that could stab like a dagger and do a "Bowie back-cut" like...well, a Bowie.

The single biggest influence was the Laci Szabo Jaws4, a 6" hawksbill type. The lower guard that can be used for "blocking" and the upper guard "thrown out over the spine" both came from that, but the blade shape only came out during my final re-shaping of a plexiglas prototype.

More data on this bad boy is available on these threads:


That last has more details on the sheath, which is almost as radical as the knife.

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Yes I do own custom knives and keep them well oiled. I used to carry a custom knife but have changed to a spyderco-terzuola.
In this knife I feel I have the best of both world's (yes I know there are at least three world's).
i was lucky enough to collect quite a few from several custome makers.
my latest gems are a D.RALPH krait and a bagwell HELL'S BELLE.
however i do not use my costome knives ,for that i have my spyderco military,emerson commander and a CS reacon tanto.
they will do the same job for a lot less stress on the wallet.
I've got knives from both South African and US custom makers, but have only carried five . . .

1. back in the early 1980's an Owen Wood "Cats Claw" springblade folder,
2. in the late 80's a Cliff Polk springblade,
3. in the early 90's another Owen Wood, this time a titanium & mammoth linerlock, and
4. these days an early model small decorated Sebenza, and a Skellern/Burger Exkelibur-2..

All show signs of light use, i.e. the odd small nick and scratch, but I enjoyed having them with me rather than buried in storage.

Regards, HILTON

Two "pure" customs by definition: D'Cicci and Costoletta from Rob Simonich

a Cetan Tanto (#1!) and 2 kits from Rob: Cetan droppoint and Wambli

A custom sword (pure definition) being made by Rob

2 Engnath blade blanks I made into customs

Forgot to add: All are used except that the D'Cicci is used rarely as its just too gorgeous....raindrop Damascus, mosaic pins and snakewood. The Cetan Tanto is used every single day and not near as pretty as it was when I got it, its a serious worker

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I have a few customs.
A Shiva Ki, backpacker which has gone with me almost everywhere, a Kelgin drop point hunter, a Dan-D fighter (Dan Denehey) and a kit knife from Dave Lewis. I've also made one for myself using whitetail deer horn for the handle.
I've used all my customs, once a friend came over and got bent out of shape seeing me use my Wayne clay Skinner to spred my penut butter. The wide blade made fast work of sandwiches.


I have 2 custom pieces which actually get used: a Polkowski CQ Fighter and a Benchmade custom 5" bali with a Crawford bowie blade. Both were well worth the dough.


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The customs I have are:

1. Chris Reeve Sabenza & Shadow IV (if you regard them as customs)

2. Bud Nealy Pesh Kabz

3. Pat Crawford Point Guard

Don't use any of them - collection only