how many of you name your knives?

Aug 10, 2000
i find it amusing to bestow a pretty little peaceful name on a sharp, pointy object.
i'm having trouble naming my bm42as, however. i thought about peace, then pax (latin for peace), then harmony (decided that was too hippie of a name for a not-so-hippie knife :p), and now i'm considering fury. that may be the winner.
so post your silly names, or not-so-silly ones, and hopefuly won't turn out to be the only weird one. :D
Unless a knife displays a characteristic worthy of a name, I don't bother naming them. A while back I had one I called biter. Seems it was always thirsty.
All of mine get names.It started back in the old days,since so many of my friends and I would hang out together and have our knives being handed around so that others could see if they could do a move with a different knife.So,it became a handy thing to give them all names..and all of us knew which knife belonged to who that way (since we engraved the names onto a handle).

Some of mine were named after my characters for Advanced D&D,and some for other reasons.
I have a nasty habit of naming EVERYTHING. No silly names though. My first scorpion (who passed away 2 nights ago :() was named Stan. My recliner is Lois, my Isuzu Impulses are Frank, Phil, and Carl.

So anywaaaaay... Chuck, Bruce, Carl, Jimmy, and Knifey :)D) are some of my Balis. I name them the first time they cut me by yelling a them by name... "Damnit [name]!". Whatever comes out of my mouth is their name. I think its important to do it when you first get cut, when your mind is clear of silliness. Although I can't say that it worked too well with Knifey. :p
heh. i'll have to try that, & see what i come up with, blasto. lol. :)
sorry to hear of your loss...
I don't name my knives, but I 'call' my japanese swords according to their maker. For a example, I have a katana whose tang has signature as : BUNGO TAKADA JU FUJIWARA YUKINAGA, I address it as 'Yukinaga'.

As for knives, I only name the custom ones only according to their maker and their unique characteristic. E.g. Damascus Pearl William Henry (not very cool for a name, eh ??)
Originally posted by alex_111
sorry to hear of your loss...

Thanks dude. I buried him in the woods last night, laid next the Jaguar (chuck) that I kept in his tank. He loved climbing on it, so I though I'd let him keep it. I miss him already. :(
not many individulas understand the importance a simple "pet" affects our lives Blasto - my sincere condolesces... your scorpion was lucky to have been loved by you :)

back to the topic I am guily as charged, muy first (and fave) balisong a reground 48 was named [justice] and my user 45 (thanks Jon) is named [ai2], and finally, coincidentally my double edged 42 is names [peace]...
In Tolkien's Lord of the ring, all the blades have names.

Even in French Mythology, you can hear about the sword "Durandal"...

The Classic Jaguar on my desk is called "Slashy".
i think i'll call my 42 Hrunting. 'twas the name of beowulf's sword, with which he slew grendel.
Originally posted by French Goupil
The Classic Jaguar on my desk is called "Slashy".

LMAO!!! :):D Great name! I named one of my Jags Knifey, but it's full name is Knifey McStabbster.

Man... I'm still laughing from the name "Slashy". :D:D:D
I know this topic's a bit old, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in.

The BM-42 I've got needs a good name, and the only one I can think of is "Blade". Short, sweet, and to the point (no pun intended). I would call it "Edge", after the WWF wrestle of the same name, but I don't like him. :rolleyes:

I've got it!


I came up with that one after seeing the light reflect off the flat sides of the handles. I know it's corny, but it works. :D:D
I don't know how I missed this topic before. I gave my 42 he name Luca Brasi, after the hitman from "The Godfather." I just call it Luke for short.
Well I am going to name my bm42a "pokey." I have never been cut by it but I have been poked countless times. My pokey says hi to everyone.(poke poke):D I know it is corny but the name "slashy" gave me the name pokey.:D
i named my beioved bm42 clarease(i hope i spelled that right)she is the only woman who i don't have to worry about cheating on me.she be with me forever