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how many people DONT hate cold steel?

Jul 14, 2000
ive seen the opposite of this topic several times on the forums,and i was wondering...

oh yeah,i dont have any personal experience w/cold steel so if you could reccomend something i would really appreciate it.

Well, since most of the people in the world have never heard of Cold Steel, I'd guess a number in the low 1,000,000,000's.

I like my Vaquero Grande.

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I've never understood the hatred of cold steel. I've always found them to give a great value for the money. I've owned trailmasters,tantos, recon scouts,voyagers,push knives,and even a couple 2nds. They do what they're supposed to and more. I also believe that the trailmaster bowies are the closest you can come to a Master Bladesmith performance blade as you can get.
Cold Steel seems to have an agreesive attitude which other knifemakers do not have. They post tests which other knive comanies can duplicate with other manufacturers showing quite well. They also talk down other knife makers.

At SOG, our company policy is to not talk down our compeditors, but to say, "there are may excellent knife manufacturers on the market today" (sometimes a hard pill to swallow).

Whether or not that they produce a great product, I just have a "bad taste in my mouth" when hearing from them. You can tell they have little collegiate trainging in customer service....or that they should!

My small input.


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At street prices, you always get a lot for your buck with a Cold Steel knife, and my experience has been that they always come from the box shaving sharp. Many brands with heavy pricetags can't say that. I have accumulated seven of them, and am satisfied with each of them.Pick a style and try one!

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Never owned a cold steel I did't like and I have at one time or another owned almost every cold steel model ever made
My introduction to the knifeloving world came via Cold Steel. That's even where I found the link to Bladeforums (from their old defunct webboard, a post from Mr. Turber).

Started out with Magnum Tanto IX, Master Tanto, and have accumulated a number of other CS products, all of which served me well without fail.

There are few people who "hate" CS knives. Most comments on this forum tend to say: CS is a good bang for the buck, but its self-promotion is over the top, sometimes even silly.

I.e., most like their knives but "hate" their advertising.

Two other points:

1) Most, but not all, of their products are well-priced. For example, most folks here would NOT take a $200 CS khukuri over an $80-$120 Ghurka House or Himalayan Imports khukuri. Most folks here will also likely check out a custom maker rather than consider buying one of their high-end "San Mai" models.

2) For all its claims, CS won't back its blades up with a half-decent warranty. Customer svc is also uneven -- it really ranges from "great!" for some, awful for others, with no consistency in-between.

I've used the Carbon V Master Hunter and SRK, and think both are outstanding at their price point. But personally, I think it says alot that CS doesn't stand behind its products with a solid warranty and reliable customer svc.

IMO --
I have only had the opportunity to buy one Cold Steel product so far, my 4" clip point voyager plain edge folder. I love it though, it has become my daily carry. Great knife for the money. I was initially turned off by Cold Steel's over the top advertising and "attitude", so my first serious knife purchase was a very expensive production folder from another manufacturer. Now it sits at home, and I carry the voyager, which was one third the price and performs better, IMHO.
Great Blades
Cheezy Handles(folders mostly)
Awful warranty

I wish they start making some G10 and linerlock on their folders, they will be great. And what's up w/ the clips, on my XL Tanto, the metal clip is pitiful and downright ugly. I love the blades alot though. So i think im a CS nonhater for the most part.
I like CS. Their blades are about the sharpest out of the box next to Spyderco, and their products are reasonably priced. I paid only about $50 Canadian more for my 7.5" CS Oyabun than I did for my SOG Mini Tsunami, and the Tsunami looks like a Pakistani-made POS next to the Oyabun. The Oyabun leather sheath is head and shoulders above most in terms of quality, and is a nice change from scratchy Conceal/Kyd-ex. If CS made folders with better handles then I would buy some of them too.

Anyone ever remove the Kraton handle from a CS knife? I'd love to go buy a 9.5" Oyabun, rip the rubber handle off and mount either a pinned wooden, or full Japanese-style wrapped handle on it.
I have several Cold Steel knives and think there a good value for the money. Sharp out of the box blades, sturdy and easy to put an edge on once they do get dull. Have to agree with above posts regarding their warranty. Almost all major manufacturers offer 100% warranty to the first owner of their products maybe Cold Steel should back that claim. As they say "Put up or Shut up.
I own a CS Safekeeper 3, which is one of the push daggers. I lingered about buying this for a number of years after seeing Tom Berenger carrying one in the movie PLATOON. Eventually I bought it and it's a nice/pretty knife, though I hardly ever carry it.

Like many of you here, I also don't like the CS folders. The handles suck and theses knives don't look nice. That may sound stupid, but I like the visual appeal of my Sydercos and CRKTs.
I have never had a bad experience with Cold Steel's products. Not all of them appeal to me visually, but neither do most Microtechs.

The advertising doesn't bother me in the least.
If Al Mar put factory premier quality into the market, then Cold Steel put factory high quality back into the market. They were brash when they started and I have an original Master Tanto. This knife is everything they claimed it to be, a true classic. Pick your best buys carefully.
Anyone who produces "big boys toys" like their tomahawk is going to be on the vulgar side. Giving the trade a hard time, justified or not, is great. It all adds colour to what could be a very dry subject of selling knives.
If they go down the pan like Blackjack, it will because they forgot the fundamentals: the customer comes first.