How Many?

Oct 3, 1998
Ok right now sitting here staring at your computer monitor, how many knives do you have within reach? I have 8 for no reason but to pick them up ocasionally and play with them. Do we all do this?
Nick (possible knifaholic)
Hello, my name is Dave and I'm a knifeaholic.

6 Gerbers
4 SAKs
2 Bucks no 3
1 Case
1 I don't know what the hell it is.
I guess that is 15. Oh well, back to school.

I must admit this morning around 1:30am I went around the house and collected all of my knives into one place so I could take inventory.

I play with my cross lock which is the only one I have handy that I can flick open. Hope to change that soon

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I am sitting in my office here a Buck, and count over 30 working knives + the two in my pockets. That doesn't count the broken ones.... oops moved some papers, and found one more 110 and two more tools.... oh i spotted a mini-tool in a box...
I love working in a factory...

Jeff "Just a squirell in a knife tree' Hubbard
PS just saw a 532 master series on the windowsill...

Jeff "Without data it's just another opinion" Hubbard
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I've got about 17 within reach, but only 6 are mine. The rest I'm selling. snf, snf, But only to buy.........more knives!
12, as it turns out. I have an awful lot of envelopes to open towards the end of the month

I only have one. But it is a really big one! Goliath. I have two shoe boxes filled with un-openned Bucks, Gerbers, Leathermans, SAKs and some custom fixed blades in my closet, but I can't bear to use any of them until I wear this one out. Anyone else have this "can't use a new knife till the old one breaks" problem?
Got to take the 5th on this one. Nobody but Mike would believe me anyway
Wow, you guys are SICK
....LOL, let me see, hmmm...... 2 on me, 6 others on the shelf over my desk: just 8 knives. I have an explanation: actually I don't

I am a knifeaholic (oh, my?!)! :0
Heheheh....Ive got you all beat!! Ive got 37 at arms reach as I type this message and I didn't get them just so I could say I had that many. Im cleaning out my bedroom and Im keeping them all by my comp desk until I get it repainted.
Carrying light tonight. Just a Mad Dog Wombat in a neck sheath and the Blue BF Native in my right pocket. I can see about two dozen more 10 feet away along with an unconsionable number or firearms... I guess that does not count though

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If you were asking for tools also then add one Swisstool (my fav), one Supertool, two PSTs, one PST II, one Sebertool M4 and one Swiss-Tech.
Just pulled up my inventory on the computer. I have over 84,000!

In my personal collection about 60. Mostly MT, Benchmade and customs.

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Eight knives so far, most of them are Benchmades. I'm also one of those guys who usually buy two, one to keep, one to use.

*hangs head in shame*

I've only got 3 in front of me. Wow, do I feel inferiour

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