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how much are you willing to spend on customknives?


Just got back from a camping/dove trip this weekend. Used your big false edge hunter all weekend to perform various tasks. It worked like a champ!!!

I use almost all my knives at one time or another and I don't mind spending up to about 300-350 on any of them. This is not somthing that I purchase on a monthly basis though. I am most comfortable in the 150 an' below range for a daily abuser (not user) as I can bite the bullet if I tear one up.

Once again, good job on the knife. Keep em coming.

I checked out your website and I really liked the frog hunter. Your price range is just about the maximum I would pay for a handmade or custom knife. I may be an exception, but I do not overly care for "art" in my knives for mere aesthetical reasons. If beauty follows from strength and function all the better, but beauty for its own sake is not why I buy a knife. Good luck in your business.
For me, a knife's worth is mainly in the function, not the form. My custom knives are all hardcore users and I don't own anything I wouldn't want to use. I do not buy knives for looking at or hanging on walls, so the fit/finish details that require a LOT of work from the knifemaker's standpoint are often lost on me. I can appreciate a work of art like the next guy, but for my own $$ I want a knife that performs and feels good above all else. Looks, polishing, and all that jazz is secondary to me. That said, I can greatly appreciate the amount of work that goes into a knife or anything handmade, for that matter, so I make these statements with that in mind. The great thing about custom knives is that you can get a custom made hand forged patch knife for $20-$30 at a knife show, and you can also pay $10,000 for a knife at a show, so custom makers run the whole spectrum.

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I have come to be of the opinion that I can get a simple fixed-blade using knife from a very skilled but not particularly well known maker for around $200-$250. This will be a knife that is at least the functional equivalent of any other knife costing more.

I only buy knives that I would feel comfortable using, so my upper end depends probably equally on my current financial situation and my love for good knives. So far, $600 is about as far as I have been willing to go for big blades, nice temper lines, and hard to find items like custom butterfly knives. I will probably spend around a $1,000 on a really good short sword blade someday from somebody like Don Fogg.

I guess about $300.

But with companies like Wicked Knives by Newt Livesay, there is not much reason to spend that much.

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About a thousand for a custom knife but this may be a once in a lifetime purchase. For a user custom, about 500.

Since all of my knives are users and any custom I would purchase would be a user then I would have to say my top price would be around $200.00

If you talk to many knife makers, resistance will start at about 200.00 . Look at the knives for sale area, and you see that the 100 - 200 area is where the movement is. Some will pay for ego, and intangibles, but the average age for knife purchasers on this forum does not give them large budgets for knife purchases.

I am trying to keep it below $500.00.

I am in the process of buying a Genovese sub-hilt fighter with mastadon ivory scales made in '76. It is in pristine condition. Price range: more than $500, less than $1000 (sorry for being vague, the deal isn't consumated). I will post a pic for oohs and aahs when I get it. I have been oohing and aahing since I saw it.

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$300, max. I don't collect, so it will be a user. And it damned well better offering something that's significantly different than I can get for less.

I'll go 500, maybe 600 dollars upper limit for a sword. All the best swordsmiths charge about that for the type of weapon I would be intrested in, so it works out well.
Well, I thought i had paid my max until today when I agreed to pop 2200 for a Ralph Turnbull...aaarrrggghhh

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I'm a cheap guy, so I tend to charge more for blades than I'm willing to spend myself. My max so far for a blade has been the $260.00 that I shelled out for a Starfire katana. (Had a really nice balance to it)
For using blades, I rarely go above $50.00, in the rare instance when I can convince the spousal unit, I'll go as high as $200.00, but only if I've sold something recently to justify it.


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Pretty broad area...some relevant NPVs would be.

$100-300 for a run-of-the-mill custom user.
$500 for a good example from a well known and respected maker.
$1,000 and up for a excellent investment grade collector piece.