How much do you have to spend...

Aug 18, 1999
2,355 have some fun with knives? I just got these little knives in the mail tonight and I know I'm gonna have some fun with them. The top knife cost $49 and the bottom one was $13. Both of them are pretty stout (full tang) little fixed blades. Schrade+ steel whatever that means (I never got a satisfactory answer from Schrade--just 400 series) but my old Schrade LB7 has Schrade+ steel and I was always impressed with that knife as a using knife. I don't know if Schrade+ steel has changed over the years. I thought my LB7 was supposed to b 440C but can't remember.

The PH2 came hair-shaving sharp and the 154UH...well...gonna have to put that on the GATCO. But I can't wait to see what it will do to a rabbit.
And one thing's for sure. I won't be afraid to abuse either one.



I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

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Not to completely spoil your party, friend Hoodoo, but I recently sharpened a Schrade fixed blade with some sort of synthetic (not stag) scales that looked just like yours in the lower picture. It had Very serious grind flaws.

The worst was the the blade was not ground thin all the way back to the choil, but instead started at the choil almost the full thickness of the blade, and thinned out by the front Half of the blade. Sharpening was useless for the back half of that small blade. I hope yours is better made.

Also, some Schrade steel seems to be hard but very grainy, and it's almost impossible to get a polished, shaving edge like I prefer on carbon steel blades. I decided not to resharpen any more of my friends 'high quality' Schrades. It just takes me too much time the first time around to get them in shape for use.

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HooDoo, for fun knives you can't beat that price or the knives for that matter!
I picked up a Frost of Sweden pukko that I beat the crap out of and you're right, you aren't afraid to punish those knives, which is a good thing when it has expensive cousins back home in the knife case or in a felt pouch in your pocket...

Have fun!

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Right now, I'm am snitten with my new CRKT's - 9.99 for a Mirage and 12.99 for a Red Dog Commander - that I got from SMKW. Carrying them much more often than my Spydies that cost 4-5x more.

I will be a happy man (married to a happier wife) if I can continue to feed my knife jones with quality pieces gotten at <$15 prices !!!
You don't have to spend much money at all. I have some of the most fun with knives that cost me under $20.00 Canadian(about $2.00 U.S. I think)
. My Opinel is a great example, a fun knife for $14.95.
What I like the most is that I am not afraid to put knives that don't cost to much, to hard use. I would not do that with $600.00 custom knives.

And how about those plastic-handled pukkos from Frosts of Sweden?

Many below $20.00, but they have carbon steel, good ergonomics, no secondary bevel and sharpen up to hair-popping sharp in a wink.

For those people who are used to shelling out the big $ for knives, it is hard to resist buying just one of these bargains.

Funny you mention that. I recently bought my first fixed blade - the Swedish Army knife from Frosts (in stainless). Have yet to use it, but for $6.99 you can't go wrong.

The sheath is functional, but ug-ly.
The PH2 is a great little hunting knife.
The design is great. It came out in 1991 and time has proven that its a really good knife.
Just wish Scrade would update the blade-steel to something a little more up to date, but for the price I have to congratulate You. In Sweden they go for a lot more but I can get the Frosts and Moras for less than you guys :)