How Much - For How Much ?

Dec 31, 1998
It has recently been brought up, "How much does a quality tactical knife cost and what should I expect for what I spend?"

Anyone interested in the following topics can also look elsewhere on this forum, Knifeforums, and knives.alt messageboards:

What to expect when spending large amounts of money on a ($900) Tactical knife. What quality controls should be expected from a knifemaker.

What testing should be performed upon each individual knife before it is field tested. Just because you shelled out lots of cash, doesn't mean you should trust it with YOUR LIFE..

Practical costs for producing a highend high-quality tactical knife.

These subjects are not directly aimed at Kevin or Maddog products, but should be questioned of all knifemakers. The broken TUSK incident (described on may have provided fuel for these questions, but they do not reflect negative ideas upon a single knifemaker.