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How much is too much?


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Mar 28, 2001
Okay, I know this question has probably been discussed before but when I did a search for the word "Lock" I came up with one result :confused:

I have a Sebenza (large) that the lock engages at about 50% of the tang thickness, I have another one (small) that engages at 75-80%. I have a third (small) that has not been checked yet because it's at home and I'm not.

My question is this: at what point should I send the knife back to CRK to be adjusted?

I hate the thought of being without one but luckily I have back-ups :)
If the locking bar goes all the way to the opposite side without too much pressure and you feel the lock could be tighter, than it's time for a tune up. In the meantime I wouldn't worry.
Thanks for the info.

I compared it to my other 2 Seb's and it goes about 1/16" further. Odd because this one is new and my small is a real user.

Out of curiosity, once this wears all of the way over, does anyone know what CRK does to repair it? I would think they have to replace the entire slab.

That may present a problem since this one is an LDC and has grooves on the clip side.
A well used Sebenza that has a liner that moves to the far scale may be adjusted by rotating the stop pin to compensate for wear to the pin. I am not real sure how the initial lockup is achieved at the factory, but my guess is that the blade is fitted and the diameter of the stop pin is adjusted (put in a larger or smaller diameter pin) to achieve the correct fit.
See you later Chad.
Dale Richmond
I found that when the washers were being 'crimped' from incorrect assembly, the lock bar went over much further than it does now. Have you looked at the FAQ?

Good topic! I often wondered the same thing.
The only thing you should worry about is blade play. If the knife has no blade play in the locked open position then it is working correctly. Each lock bar is hand fitted to the blade, so there is a good degree of variance. If the knife wears to the point that you develop blade play you should of course contact the knife maker.
Thanks for all of the info.

I'm not too concerned about it now and feel that is within spec's. The knife is literally unused even though it's about 4 years old and I feel confident that CRK would not have sent out a bad one.

Appreciate all of the good info. I'm going to try and follow the StJames FAQ and see if that helps, I've never had this one apart but it can't hurt.