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How much surplus was in Schrade Factory????

Jan 5, 2007
How many stockpiles of knives did Schrade keep in the Factory before closing? Was there enough to oversupply the market for the next 10 years ???
Just a question, thats all as I am curious ?
I also expect prices to rise but when ???
There is a lot of factory stock on ebay that would probably not be there had Schrade not closed down???? Compair this for example to Buck knives. Try and find prototypes, samples and or 001 serial numbers in buck knives and it is Much more difficult.
Please correct me if Im wrong but I heard that there were many truck loads of knives that left the factory when they closed down. These went somewhere and it appears that many ended up on ebay with some ebay sellers buying in bulk and wanting to make quick buck ?
I have only been collecting Schrades seriously for about 15 months. And there are usually around 1500 to 1700 Schrades on US ebay. Does anyone know how many there were on ebay on average before Schrade closed down in mid 2004 ???
Thanks Kind Regards Tim
Hmmm... a lot of questions there. I don't really know the actual number of knives involved in the WIP at the auction. The official closing and initial layoff of employees was at the end of July 2004, but the auction was in October, IIRC. From the first of August until the October auction, at the direction of the bank and trustees, remaining Schrade employees assembled everything they could to fluff up the WIP inventory and lower the inventory of parts and raw materials. Additionally, when the bank siezed control at the end of July, it was reported that there were huge orders in house ready for shipment which might have been enough to clear a lot of debts. The WIP was purchased by the two retailers Smoky Mountain Knife Works and Blue Ridge Knives. They wholesaled box after box to dealers large and small. The factory collection and most of the prototypes, samples, and darn near everything finished but not nailed down was included. As to the volume we are talking here, the phrase "sixteen tractor trailer loads" sticks in my mind. Look at the posts circa October 2004 for the best estimates. Remember that today's "hits" on eBay includes the new Taylor Schrades.

G'Day Tim, Valid question. I have been actively buying since 2002 havn't counted but I suspect 400 odd Schrades. What I have noticed is prior to closing Ebay offerings were the mainstream folders and fixed blades a lot in used condition. Since closing I have had access to knives I would never have dreamt I would ever own..I.E. traditional old knives Mint with Stag Scales and Schrade collectables that I think only the inner circle knew even existed.
I have a theory that a lot of the knives are still being finished by Codger's 'Elves' Not just slapped together for the auction but being professionally finished since 2004.I dont really have a problem with this if I'm correct..its still ORIGINAL product steel and markings however some scales i.e. stag may never of been produced in the normal scheme of things.Leather sheaths new warehouse stock seems to be unlimited..how big were the warehouses and why were there new sheathes for knives no longer produced?
This is just food for thought and as usual only my opinions and I stand to have my neck despatched as usual.
The point is the SUPPLY of quality Collectable Schrade seems to be endless 2 1/2 years later. Hoo Roo
the new waldens are advertised as wood used from old schrade stock,i bought one as a gift,f&t were ok nothing special but worth the 20 bucks-
the wood on the other hand looked wonderful-
Thanks all, some good info there.
I guessing (and putting money on it) that there is enough for things to continue for around 5 years maybe less for the very rare ones.
I cant see it lasting.
Eventually it will be that the; "opportunities of today will become the regrets of tomorrow"
Anyone else have any inside information to add??

Hi Larry, its good to see a serious collector from Australia.
Regards Tim
Consider the "recycling" going on too. A lot of "me too" collectors and disillusioned investors are feeding their purchases back into the machine. And a lot of dealers have spent the past 2 1/2 years opportunity buying and are beginning to sell on what they see as a "rise". Prices on a lot of items cycle up and down, and naturally a lot of nice pieces fall "through the cracks".

That is a beautiful economy of words and you are spot on the mark !!!
Were Imperial knives part of the final production and all the truck loads that left after the closing or were they only being made in Ireland ?? The only new old stock I ever see are the Ireland knives.
On March 18th, 2004 Imperial Stag / Imperial Schrade Europe, a subsidiary of US-based Imperial Schrade Corp. laid off the last 13 workers of the 70, and closed the Listowel, County Kerry Ireland factory after 43 years. The Listowel WIP was considered less valuable/desirable by the WIP buyers, and also by the wholesale buyers, so those stocks were left for last. Not entirely though, as they have been peppered into the eBay sales since early 2005.

Edit: More directly addressing your question, the WIP and machinery from the earlier Listowel closing would have been property, i.e. assets, of Imperial Schrade. I know the machinery was sold to several U.S. cutlerys, but not whether or not it was sold in situ, or imported to the Ellenville plant for the auction, I can't say. I would imagine that the WIP was.
The equipment from the Ireland plant was auctioned there. Also, the WIP from the Ellenville plant was purchased by three companies, the third being United Cutlery.