How old are you?

Jan 24, 1999
I hope this isn't to personal and that it hasn't been asked in the past but then again if it has been it was a while back.

I am just asking to find the what kind of age range we have here among us knife enthusiasts.

I myself am 16 which really stinks as it it hard for me to carry a knife becasue here in my town (or anywhere for that matter) a minor with a knife can get into big trouble. They always lok at it like you are going to stab somebody which is ridiculous. It always made me wonder what would happen if I got caught with my 20 in AK in my trunk?

Anyways sorry fo rthe rambling just wondering everyones age.

thanks and take care
I'll be 24 in five days. I need a present
19. I'm still at that age where a knife automatically implies that you're looking to stab someone...UTILITY? Many don't buy it, but WTF. I'm sure I'll look and act my age someday.

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24... just graduating college. But, hey, I took some time off and made some knives


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27 going on 14 I think.I often think I'm getting sense,then I see a knife I don't own yet!Still,at least my mother doesnt object to my"another" knife anymore :)

Touche? Too slow!

I'm 27, and jealous of Corduroy and musashi.
I'm finishing up a doctorate but I wish I'd taken time to make more knives, and I'm growing up waaaay too fast. Ah, well. Hopefully I'll have plenty of time soon to make knives and get my sense of humor back.

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I'm 41, and another day older and deeper in debt. Still feel 21 though, and act 18. Just ask my wife. She says the only difference between kids and men are their toys get more expensive. I love my toys (guns and knives)and play with them every chance I get.

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Geez! I have spent 20 years and 7 months 4 days as a Cop, I am 43... I have t-shirts older than some of you... Saw the Beatles live in Tokyo, Jimmy Buffet before he was somebody... Man, do I feel old!
44 - not quite fossilized yet
Old enough to know better, but I don't. (56).

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i'm 23

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18 at the end of this month

and my habit with knives doesn't really make anyone say 'he's gonna kill someone!', but that's just because i purposely put out an image of a peaceful, shy guy...then i showed them my knives and they're just too stunned to wonder wtf is with me

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