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How old were you when you got your first knife?

First Knife: Victorinox Swiss Army Scout Shield Knife, 8 years old.

First Automatic Knife: Benchmade Auto-Spike, 17 years old.

First Benchmade: Bali-Song Butterfly with black inserts on chrome handle, 15 years old.

First Liner-Lock: Master Knives (ech!) rendition of CQC7, 16 years old.

Second Liner-Lock: Benchmade Emerson CQC7, the next day.

Last Knife Bought: Victorinox Pioneer, two months ago.

Last Knife Recieved: Benchmade 710sbt for my 18th Birthday, July 28

Next Knife: I have no idea.


Robert Joseph Ansbro

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It was somewhere around the second or third grade. A girl in school had a crush on me. She would bring me minnows that her dad didn't use after fishing, because she knew I liked fish. One day she brought me a yellow handled three blade stockman. Looking back I am sure she probably stole it from her dad or brother. Wish I still had it.
When I was 7 I got a cheap swiss army knock off and lost itwhen we moved a year later, but I managed to hold onto my boy scout knife until it got lost a few years later. Oh well, I have managedto hold onto all of my more expensive knives.

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I was a Cub Scout...I think I was about 7. It was a Swiss Army knife. It died horribly, extremely mangled corkscrew, broken blades, missing scales, but I still have it at my parents home in California.

The first fixed blade is still in my Dad's closet. I jumped in a hole at the beach and somebody left their Buck knife behind. I found it. I haven't seen it in at least 15 years, but I know my Dad still has it.
I was 12 and I bought a long skinny pigsticker from a friend at school. My mommy had to come bail me out. That was over 30 years ago and she still likes telling the story at reunions.
I think I was six when my father let me handle his krisses. A year later, he had a custom kris maker build me one. It has a 9" blade and I still treasure it to this day. It is one of the happiest days of my life. I still remember every scar it gave me (which it gave in abundance).

Giving a kriss or two to an infant is pretty much still a tradition in Indonesia. Come to think of it, my father probably did it so I wouldn't play with his expensive knives

My mother gave me my first knife at the age of 8. It was a 4 bladed Boy Scout folder with faux bone scales and the Boy Scouts of America emblem. It's still around the house somewhere.

Ironically, my mother hates my hobby.

I actually never was in the boy scouts so i didn't get a knife that way. I got some piece of crap knives before but my first real knife (a handmade laguiole with inlayed wood scales) i got when i was 13
I am with "Snickersnee". It seemes that I have always had a knife and took it to school every day. (years ago) I remember getting one when I was 6 or 7 but I have one now and will tomorrow. Till they (the gov) pull my cold fingers off it.

Danny Ridenhour
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I was 7 or so. A jackknife Scout pattern I think it was. Colonial or Imperial made it since up north here we didn't have many Case products.I also remember it had black plastic jigged bone scales.And 40 years later my love of knives hasn't changed.
I was 9 when I got my first knife it was a Huntsman by Victorinox. Although I didn't start collecting till I was 12.
I was 7 and it was a Boker stockman which I still have. Learned to sharpen on that knife. Wouldn't trade it for a large Sebenza.
I was about 7 years old, and my older sister (19) was dating a guy who was trying in every conceivable way to get into her pants. One day when she was home from college, she got stuck with the onerous task of babysitting her little brother (me) while our parents were out of town. Her boyfriend came over and was trying to impress her with how good he was with children and basically tried to bribe me by giving me his old Boy Scout knife. I don't know if he had a lot a success with this tactic; for all I know he might have had a whole box of old Boy Scout knives in his car
When I was 7 or 8 I was given a 4 blade scout knife for cubscouts.Wish I still had it.The first knife I payed for myself was a cheap Italian stiletto 12 yrs old.I think I paid $5.00 for it.Would'nt you know I still have that one.
My father gave me my first knife when I was only seven years old (funny how that seems to be the avg. age
), it was a three blade whittler, but then he took it back, and sharpened flat across the edge till it was as dull as heck. Then he gave it back to me and said that he did it for my safety
. Sad story huh?

Anyway, after a week I gave it back to him, cause I had no use for a dull knife, and I had no means to sharpen it.

He gave it back to me when I was 13. I still have it now. After reading this post, I performed a test with it. The back of all of the blades, SERIOUSLY, are sharper than the edges

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My father gave me my first knife on my 6th birthday. Like some others it was a Case and I still have it. Gonna give to my daughter when she turns 6.
By the time I was in first grade I had a collection of three pocketknives (a SAK, an Old Timer, and a Case). I took them to school to show my friends, and I spent the rest of the day in the principal's office while my teacher kept screaming that I was going to become a mass murderer (man, was she stressed).

I started seriously knife collecting at age 15 (has it been that long?) My mother purchased my first Balisong, because I told her that they were great chicken boning knives. Long afternoons on Sundays preparing the chicken was a small price to pay for my annual Balis on my birthday each year. Her friends at the church suppers looked at her questioningly, but she never blinked. How cool...


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I was 5yrs old.I actually traded something for some souvenir tanto bladed knife.It was real small.I was afraid I would get caught with it by my parents and could'nt hide it any longer so I threw it in a corn field.After that it just seems like I always had one.I carried a Queen Steel stockman for a long time.Then I discovered the pocket clip.
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