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How secure is the blad lock-up on a Gerber Chamelion II?

Nov 20, 2000

A while back, I gave one like this to a kid I know based on the impression that it was easier to lock without endangering fingers than most other designs. However, I am beginning to wonder if it was such an inspired choice.

Any comments on the quality, durability, blade type, etc.?

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I can't comment on the whole knife, but the "Bolt-Action" lock has been discussed several times and opinions are that it's very reliable. I have a Myerco with the lock type, and it's strength is that the closing blade does not put pressure on the lock from the same direction as you would to release it, so the force is not working to open the lock (as it is in the case of a lockback or a linerlock).

Do a search here and in the Reviews forum for "bolt action", you'll find more.
I have the half serrated version of the Chameleon II. Its an OK knife for the price. The lock up is pretty solid with no side to side play but about a 1/32-1/16 of a inch of vertical play. As for lock strength it takes one good spine whack to disengage it but 4 or 5 light whacks in a row will also cause it to fail. What happens is that after each light whack the blade closes a little until it totally fails. Also when you open it you have to push the bolt forward to make sure its locked. Well thats it. I hope this helped.
The recipient is a 6y.o. who agreed to use it only under supervision. Hope she is careful with it.