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How the satisfy the urge to buy more?

Big Dave

Gold Member
Dec 18, 1998
I have this little problem.

I keep buying knives. But, before a new one arrives I’m already thinking of the next one.

Does anyone have any tips on how to satisfy the urge to splurge?


Big Dave, I don't know how to help you...I am truly sorry. Take a deep breath because what I am about to tell you may be very difficult to digest.

First, you have a problem, a very serious problem. Secondly, and this is the most difficult... no one can help you. There is no cure. There is a slight chance that you can maybe, just MAYBE help yourself, but this is an extreme case.

I believe the only advice I can give you is to just keep buying knives. Don't think. Just keep buying and acquiring more knives. Sooner or later, burn out will occur and you will go into remission. For how long, I can't say but it is normal for one to buy zero knives in a period of 2-4 months during this phase.

Good Luck! And don't forget, just keep buying those little suckers!

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[This message has been edited by Ronald Reagan (edited 21 January 1999).]
Hmmm....tough one Big Dave. The only advice I have is to give knives as gifts. That helps alittle bit. It makes my wife mad because everytime we need a gift for someone or something my answer is a knife. She quit asking my opinion along time ago. If you help others aquire the knives they want that should help also. Other than that I don't have anything else that might help.
You think you have it bad, I ordered a MAD DOG Panther. And a few weeks later, the urge got go overpowering that I ordered a LAB RAT. Now, I'm fighting to keep myself from ordering a thin AZ Hunter. MAD DOG's are addicting. I haven't even received the first knife yet!

How to satisfy the urge to buy more knives hummmmmmmmmm...........


Kinda like gettin your fix. There is no cure for this disease.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Stick your head in a bucket of water and take a deep breath.

Also cures hiccups.

David Rock
Dave - "When you got problems, that's how you know your not dead". It could be worse, What if there were no knives? Do custom spoons and forks do the same thing to you?
1) Intelligent planning always helps.
2) Focusing your collection.
3) Learning more patience.
4) Sooner or later, you will run out of knives to buy or run out of money, problem solved.
Knives are an addiction, but unlike others, like gambling, illicit sex, or drugs, knives are not self destructive, and you can enjoy them almost anywhere. Knives are more useful than other collectibles, what the H*** are Beanie Babies good for? Knives have the ability to have value above and beyond their monetary worth, such as sentimeltal, historical, collector, utilitarian(there have been time that I would have givn a kidney for a good knife), etc. My advice...keep buying. You'll burn out sooner or later, or perhaps you will find your dream knife.

When shopping for a knife, I take notes. I write down what features I am looking sor, along with size & shape characteristics. I also write down the intended uses of the knife. Then I surf, and write down knives that fit the bill. It is not always what I was looking at in the first place, but I am usually happy.

What is it about knives that motivates us. My problem is that my fancy is with guns and nice watches also. I could open up a store if I wanted to. I have tried couselling, but my "I want it" disease is so bad that it is severely contagious and even the couselors contracted it and are now subject to the effects of "knifebuyolitus". I have tried medicines, my wife even got me PlayBoy magazine. I opened the magazine up and started scanning through it. Then I came to a picture of an absolute beauty. She was there wide open and saying "take me, big boy". I had to have her and put my hands on her. My wife noticed me lusting over the open magazine and came over to see what was going on. Full page high quality custom knife add. Just some humor.
There is no cure for the disease you have. All you can do is find a way to ease your consience, (not to mention that annoying little voice of logic that tries to talk you out of the purchase). I recommend donating some knife purchses to a charity. One that comes to mind is the Ineedmoreknives Group, a non-porfit organization. E-mail me for shipping info.


Live every day as if it was your last, for some day it shall be.
There are two types of collectors: one is called an "epic" collector and the other a "lyric" collector. The epic collector collects for variety: he/she is obsessed with all the differences that exist in knives (i.e., tactical, utility, hunting, drop point, clip point, hawkbill, plain edge, serrated edge, combo edge, stag handle, pearl handle, titanium handle, etc. etc.) and wants to experience them all! On the other hand, the lyric collector is obsessed with the sameness: he/she is in pursuit of the perfection (i.e., saying that "This knife is the ultimate tactical-utility knife that satisfies my craving once and for all!" for the fourth time . . . this month). But, alas, there is no such thing as perfection; thus he/she keeps buying knives.

One advice: tell Spyderco to stop producing all these lust producing knives!! Tell us, Sal. No Bob Lums, no Terzuola Starmates, no SpyderRenches. No improved lock on Military, no flat ground police model. We will all be happy again!


Come to think of it I have not bought a knife in the last 2 weeks. But, I can't hold out any longer.

Really, there were some excellent suggestions.

I think I'll try some of those techniques after I get a mini socom and Sebanza.

Big Dave

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Oh yea. The Monkey is now in training.

I just bought a small Sebanza. This is the first knife that has truly given me a feeling of bliss.

Like any impulsive individual newly addicted to knives I was in a buying frenzy.

Now my friends, I am somewhat satisfied.

Have I graduated to a new level, like a cocaine addict now hooked on crack? Or have I reached an enlightened stage of development? Only time will tell.

Uh Oh, it's contageous....now I can't stop buying them either.

I had to hide the siscors from my wife, but I've memorized all the numbers anyway. So why fight the urge

So Big Dave now that you have the small Sebenza, will you be getting a large Sebenza?? To match the small one of course. They are a family you know. The large and small Sebenza's and then the Umafann(or however its spelled). Just wondering. I know you wouldn't want to break up a family.

I thought I found the perfect cure for this knife buying addiction. I opened up my own knife selling business. You know the idea, own a candy store you get tired of candy. Only problem is as knives are coming in to be shipped out, my wife has to pry them out of my hands as I scream "No,no, their mine!"
So the old candy store idea doesn't work for knives. Your little fat buddy in the Texas Panhandle. www.toptexknives.com


That's a good idea ToTKnives. The internet is pretty cool.

I've been checking out that custom knife on your website by Gene Osborn- "Scale release "side winder" one handed, rosewood handle, no file work, hollowgrind, 440C Stainless, 3" Blade $225.00" Is that a double action auto?

Good Luck,