How to Bias Kydex Sheath Seam Away from Center

May 9, 2017
Hi all, long time reader here wanting to join in the discussion. I haven't been able to find any information on this subject but I bet some of you have some relevant experience.

I'm planning an array of pancake-style kydex pocket/neck sheaths for the folding knives that I carry regularly. In order to minimize the footprint of the design, I want to form the outer "presentation" side of the kydex to wrap 80% around the knife, and form the back side only partially to account for the other 20% of the shape. This way the flat border where the rivets are attached stays closer to the body. I contemplated just forming the outer layer completely around the knife and attaching it to a flat backer, but I think retention and overall fit will be better if the backer is partially formed.

I've thought of placing a sharpening stone or some such object under the bottom foam in my kydex press. I've also thought of cutting out the shape of the knife in a layer of the top foam of the press. Both ideas would press the sheath farther up into the top layer of the kydex press foam during forming and perhaps produce the seam bias that I'm looking for. What do you think? Any better ideas?