How to carry a multi-tool

Oct 3, 1998
This subject came up in another multi-tool thread, and I think it deserves a thread of its own. A forumite said he would like to be able carry a multi-tool comfortably while seated in the car.

Try this for comfortable and secure multi-tool carry:

See if you can find a pouch that can be carried on your belt horizontally, such as the "soft pouch" made by Benchmade, and position it so that the two straps on the pouch straddle the first belt loop on your pants, just to the right of your belt buckle (assuming you're right handed). The tool is easily accessible, and you can bend over, sit down, roll on the floor while playing with the kids, etc., and the tool will never snag on the back of a chair when you stand up. Straddling the belt loop ensures that the tool won't slide off your belt when you unfasten the belt to urinate or whatever.

The large Benchmade pouch (they come in two sizes) is perfect for the Leatherman Super
Tool. I'm currently using this pouch to carry a Leatherman Pulse. The fit is a bit sloppier with the Pulse, but I've found there is just enough room to add a pen-sized diamond sharpener (made by Eze-Lap). The Leatherman Wave should fit about the same as the Pulse, although I believe it's a bit thicker than the Pulse--I haven't tried the Wave specifically. There will be a bit of extra room at the flap-end of the pouch, but that will just make the pouch conform better to the curvature of your body.

The SwissTool fits better in the old style Benchmade pouch, with room for the aforementioned Eze-Lap sharpener. The new pouch will work with the SwissTool but it's a bit snug. Some dealers may still have the old style Benchmade pouch in stock.

Incidentally, one of the most important features of a multi-tool, which is often overlooked when comparisons are made, is: will it fit the pouch I want to carry it in? The best tool might be the one with the most convenient pouch, and in my experience the most convenient pouch is probably NOT the one that came with the tool.

Any other ideas? I would like to know what other pouches have been used successfully with various popular multi-tools.

David Rock

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I thought the Pulse's sheath had horizontal belt loops on it in addition to the vertical one. I played with one briefly last week. It was the nylon sheath.
Yes, now that you mention it, I believe the Pulse sheath does have horizontal carry straps. I like the Benchmade sheath better. It seems sturdier and the closure is more secure, and less bulky.

David Rock
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Senator:

The TAD-S1 nylon pouch on Patrick's site above is the PERFECT size for the SwissTool.

Kelly is right on the money, and this is a great pouch for most med sized folders as well. The MT LCC, Large Sebenza, BM 720 and 750 all rotate through the one on my right side, with a Swisstool riding on my left.

James Segura
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My Pulse nylon sheath has only the vertical strap. It is the same mediocre sheath that came with the PST and PSTII, and it doesn't even fit that well with the Pulse due to the locking mechanism. A defnite step down from the Wave sheath.

Clay Fleischer
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Thanks, Kelly and James, for the link to the the Tripleaught pouch. I had been to that website before but don't recall seeing the pouches. They look pretty durable. But are they bulky? Can you compare it to the Benchmade soft sheath in terms of slimness/profile?

David Rock

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David - I would say that the TAD sheath uses about the minimum material/specs needed to carry the SwissTool. There is very little extra width or length compared to the tool itself. You probably won't find a smaller sheath for it.

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I second the idea to talk with Eric (aka Normak) at OnScene/Tactical. He has a horizontal concelaex that he calls the bikini that carries the multitool and a AA minimag. OR you can drop the light and just do the tool. Great concept. I love mine!


David P. Sproles
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David Rock has a good idea. I've been carrying my SOG PowerPlier in a nylon pouch by Uncle Mike's for a couple of years now. (I guess this thing is supposed to be a mag pouch for a double-stack pistol mag, since I found it at a local gun store. Oh well. Point is, it was cheap.
) I carry it horizontally, to my right of the belt buckle. And I'm a lefty. Works brilliantly for me (as a "cross-draw"), very comftorable while driving etc. Can be reached with both hands.

In the Army, wearing shrapnel vest, I placed it vertically on my belt - only upside down. That works well if you're wearing something as rigid as a Kevlar vest. Would be unpleasant trying to dig up the top part of the holder from under there... Just make sure you've got your hand beneath the tool when you open the holder!

Tony S.

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Well, I carry my Gerber in the little coin pocket on my jeans. It's deep enough to conceal about 3/4 of the tool. That leaves 1/4 exposed for easy retrieval. It has never fallen out and doesn't cause discomfort when sitting down.

Course, you must remember that my body shape is rather...round. So, my coin pocket is probably bigger than yalls.

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You carry a multitool in your coin pocket? But... then what do you use for a mag pouch?
(The pocket in some of my jeans is the exact right size for a double-stack magazine of a full-size pistol.) Okay, since I live in Finland this only applies at the pistol range... Still. Wouldn't want to shove a multitool up the mag well by accident while training.

Tony S.

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I just got a real nice kydex rig from normark for my leatherman crunch. It has a j type belt loop, and I can clip it on the viser of my vehicle when driving. Its great