How to determine Boker USA Tree Brand age?


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Aug 28, 2014
I was able to get the following used tree brand knives recently.

Trying to determine approximate age of these knives but having difficulty finding some information.

It has Tree Brand emblem and says Boker USA on the blade (not the usual Solingen). Would anyone know how to 'date' these knives? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


One of which is a split back
Aug 19, 2015
Finding out manufacture years on Boker's isn't easy. They never really set up a system. You have to look at materials, tang stamps (which sometimes get reused in different years so is not always accurate), and shields (also reused over the years). There are resources online if you search around which can help but never take it as a holy grail. If you can find copies of old catalogs, ads, and brochures they are a great resource as well. Good thing is knives stamped "Boker USA" are easier to date then the "Solingen" knives. They were produced from 1941-1983. Yours look to have delrin scales which started to show up I believe in the late 1950s-early 1960s. The larger knife is a split-back whittler and the smaller is a medium stockman. With a lot of the USA made Boker's you will find a set of numbers stamped on the opposite side of the main blade tang. I own a similar whittler which is model 8313.